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vivo X50 Pro: This smartphone camera has a gimbal cuz why not

As a tech reviewer, I sometimes think: What will they put on cameras next?

Well, vivo is doing gimbals on their cameras and it actually makes sense.

Basically, the vivo X50 Pro has a teeny gimbal on the main rear shooter of the phone to ensure stabilized video—pretty useful for those of you who shoot vlogs and videos on their phones.

These smartphone camera gimbals work the same way actual gimbals work: It physically stabilizes movement so that your footage doesn’t come out shaky AF. Walking and running shots should look better i.e. people won’t get dizzy watching your videos.

Video by Joshua Vergara

vivo PH has confirmed that the vivo X50, vivo X50 Pro, and vivo TWS earphones are coming to the Philippines. As of posting, there is no official information on pricing and availability. In India, the vivo X50 is priced at INR 34,990 while the X50 Pro starts at INR 49,990.

The Vivo X50 Pro and X50 are now available for pre order. The Pro retails for PHP 39,999 while the X50 retails for PHP 25,999.


BUY THE Vivo X50 Pro HERE.