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Project 7 to 1: Local streetwear that means more than a good #OOTD

You are what you wear and in the case of PH streetwear brand Project 7 to 1, that would be a very good thing.

Project 7 to 1 did not start out as merch. It’s a work philosophy multi-hyphenated Carlo Ople lives by. It’s pretty simple, but easier said than put in practice: 9am – 6pm is when you build your career while 7pm – 1 am is reserved for building your dreams. Carlo, telco executive by day and sneaker YouTube by night, is proof it can be done.

And now, Project 7 to 1 reps garb that represent the hustle: Comfy shirts and accessories that motivate and highlight the importance of hustle and hard work.

Limitless tee

From their initial dreamer line to a hot collab with Vaulv MNL for hustle bags and cable organizers, to their latest release Limitless tee release, the brand is now turning heads and inspiring minds.

Fueled by motivation to create and propelled by the passion to adopt, Project 7 to 1 now even has these shoebox tag facemarks that are as good-looking as they are useful.

With the fresh designs and good quality materials, these shirts are a statement. It’s not just repping a good look, it’s also quite literally repping a healthy mindset.

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