Wine tasting at home: Sommelier experience delivered to you

Our current pandemic situation has discouraged people from leaving their houses. From work to shopping, to events and meetings, everything has been happening online. This long list now includes wine tasting events (because as fun as they are, they aren’t necessarily classified under “necessary activities” so we should all stay home even if we’re dying to get wine drunk).

Wine tasting and pairing has evolved: Served Manila attempts to bring you the sommelier experience at home.

You start with this carefully curated box filled with wine and cheese pairings delivered straight to your home. Mine arrived at my doorstep, complete with instructions to refrigerate and details for when and where I could access the event online that was to happen later on that evening.

Included in the box was a wine glass, 5 different kinds of wine and 4 types of cheese – each labelled, while the wine was numbered. All I needed to do next was sit tight for the event.

At 6:30 PM, wine pairing box in hand, I logged onto a Zoom call. This wine night was part of a Vivo event so our call started with discussions on that but eventually, we it was time to try the wines.

Robert Joseph, a wine tasting expert whom I had previously met at another wine tasting event in 2011 (long story) was our sommelier. He took us through some wine basics and we tried each wine paired with corresponding cheeses. Suffice to say I learned a lot and my palette was pretty satisfied.

Like I mentioned earlier, this experience was part of a Vivo event, though details from the Served Manila page point at each wine kit retailing at PHP 1,750 with an online wine tasting event included.

Find Served Manila HERE.

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