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PPE jumpsuit, but make it cute

It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s stylish, and it’s pandemic proof. Yes, jumpsuits are a thing again, specifically jumpsuits that have you (literally) covered.

These jumpsuits are not only made from spill-proof PPE material, they also come in cute colors pink, navy, blush, butter, and black. For added flair, you can have it embroidered.

I found this Instagram store because of a friend’s recommendation. You see, I’ve always been obsessed by the idea of wearing jumpsuits because they seemed so comfy! This was a good a time as any to scratch the itch – and these specific suits also looked heavy duty BUT ALSO, really cute.

A quick scan of the page (and my stalking skills honed by years and years of social media) showed me the suits were made by a lady named Owa Sylvia in her small factory in Marikina – I was to learn later that this lady’s real name was Sylvia Borja and she was one of the First Ladies’ wear suppliers for SM. Also that Owa was what her grandson, “alleged” “favorite” and intern (his words, not mine), Martin called her.

Of course, I ordered one for myself because it was pink and it was pretty and never mind that Im not planing on going out anytime soon – I’m positive a jumpsuit will come in handy at some point in my life. It retails for PHP 1500, PHP 250 if you want it embroidered, and PHP 200 (optional) for shipping.

It was as glorious as I imagined wearing a jumpsuit would be. The material is nice, and the stitching looks good, neat, and durable. It’s very comfortable to wear and I love that the waist is cinched so it’s actually very flattering to wear.

Honestly contemplating on getting more of these in different colors. Expect me to wear this jumpsuit any and every chance I get.

Check out Owa Sylvia’s PPE’s here.