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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 top camera features

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has just been unveiled and let me tell you, it’s a looker.

Now from what Samsung has dubbed the Z fold line, the z Fold2 is the second iteration of the device – well, technically the 3rd because there was the Fold then the Fold improved (which I have a hands on video on from the IFA release), then theres this, the Z Fold2.

But despite these same concept, what’s new? Three things stuck to me:

  • A better and more useable cover screen – no more of that tine thing we saw on the first Fold.
  • A 120Hz main screen that’s even bigger because it now utilizes a punch hole instead of a whole corner for photos
  • That 3rd generation hinge design – one that Samsung claims is even better than the previous ones (a.k.a. it will be harder to break)

But, even more than those physical changes, what excited me were features you could enjoy and utilize with the hardware.

There’s a Capture View Mode which shows you a preview of photos you’ve previously taken alongside the camera so you can easily check the photo you just took or compare your framing to a previous photo. There’s Dual Preview which is useful for checking how you look when someone else is taking your picture – yes, the phone’s cover screen shows you a preview of the photo, too. Then, for the selfie lovers, there’s Rear Cam Selfie which allows you to take better quality selfies with the rear cameras.

Those who shoot videos can also have fun with this phone – the Auto Framing mode uses AI to track a subject’s face and body then frames your shots for you. It even zooms in when someone exits the frame and zooms out when it detects more faces!

More Fold2 features I love in this video

The Z Fold 2 comes in two colors, Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze plus, something special for those who are looking for more color: You can now customize hinge colors to match your aesthetic!

The Fold2 is priced at USD 1,999. You can pre-order the device now in the US & UK, and they ship out starting September 18.