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LG Wing unboxing and hands-on: Ways to use that swivel form factor

LG brings a whole new form factor to modern smartphones with their newest device. The LG Wing, the first from LG’s Explorer Series which aims to bring new mobile experiences, is a device that swivels to reveal a secondary screen.

What is this form factor for, exactly? LG lists a number of use cases:

Uninterrupted video watching, controls or other apps can be opened on the second screen

A unique gaming experience with even more displays! LG even partnered with Asphalt 9 for this.

Always on navigation – never have to look away

There’s also App Pairs which means you can launch two apps, one for each screen, simultaneously!

And finally, the feature everyone’s been buzzing about: There is a dedicated Gimbal Mode on the LG Wing that allows you to control the cameras using the second screen as a control pad!

Watch the full unboxing and camera tour below:

As of posting, there are no details on price and availability although it’s been confirmed to be coming to the US.