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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30): What it could look like

Most of the high-end smartphones for this year-end have now been announced. The tech community now turns to the leaks for devices which might arrive in 2021. As usual, OnLeaks started the excitement with a particularly awaited phone: The next (maybe) Samsung flagship. Its name will be Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, but that’s to be determined later.

The leaks come from Steve Hemmerstoffer (known as @OnLeaks). While he has a huge history of success in terms of phone leaks, these are still not final or official designs.  In other words, these images are not those coming from Samsung for the press, but rather reconstructed from the CAD factory plans so there may still be some inaccuracies.


What can we say about the design except that it stands out from previous generations with a new, rather original vertical photo module. It gives the impression that the smartphone frame protrudes from the sides towards the back to encompass the photo module.

In the front side, we find a flat edge-to-edge screen, with a small selfie camera hole in the center. A fairly classic design overall. It should be noted that this is the “basic” model of the future flagship series, and therefore probably not the most upscale of its line. OnLeaks also revealed a screen size of around 6.2 inches, the same as the Galaxy S20.


In his article, OnLeaks names the next flagship Galaxy S21, but indicating that he does not know its commercial name. We prefer to use the name “Galaxy S30” since this is the logic that Samsung seems to have adopted in moving from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20 in 2020.


This week, SamMobile and TheElec websites both indicated that the next Samsung flagship could be announced in January 2021. In fact, we get this kind of rumor every year, and we, therefore, prefer not to rely on them. However, OnLeaks also indicates here that his own sources are also announcing a presentation of the Galaxy S30 range in January 2021.

It should also be noted that we get design leaks as early as October. Last year, it was not until November that we saw similar design leaks on the Galaxy S20.

Source: @Onleaks