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5 ways to make Quarantine Halloween 2020 fun

It might be our first year doing Quarantine Halloween, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull, lifeless one. Let’s leave the dying to the dead, folks, and spend Halloween 2020 safely in our homes. Stumped on what to do? We have a few ideas you can try out.


We won’t think any less of you if you have to re-use Halloween costumes or if you’re going the complete do-it-yourself route with what you have at home. But we highly recommend dressing up and decorating your home.

Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

It’ll be extra fun to have a photo shoot. Turn your smartphones into your cameras, and your room into your studio. If you can splurge, we love the Instax Mini 11, which Instax offers right now with a Jelly Kit for PHP 4,899.

This would be the perfect camera to use for these shoots with the customization it provides; plus, you can get actual photos of you in costume to put on display. 


The kind of ghosting we endorse is a wholesome one. Buy goodies and treats that you can send to loved ones or the kids in your life who can’t trick or treat right now. Act like a ghost and leave the treats behind for them on their doorsteps with a note encouraging them to “Ghost” and send goodies to someone else. Candy Corner offers loot bags on its site starting at PHP 995 for 5 bags, so you don’t even have to think about what to put together. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


We love a good cocktail, no matter what the occasion. But it’s just extra fun and memorable when we make themed ones. Thankfully, the internet is a great place to find many different kinds of cocktails for any occasion. Here’s a list of some spooky and creative recipes you can try:

To get your hands on some booze, sites like Boozy and MetroMart can quickly deliver. 


Be proud of that curated spooky season playlist you’ve been building, or start a new one now. Spotify and Apple Music make it easy to create your playlists, or you can rely on what the streaming services offer. (Type in “Halloween” in Spotify’s search bar for all your playlist needs.)

If you want new speakers, check out the Momax True Wireless 360 Speaker with Ambient Lamp for PHP 2,990, the JBL Charge 4 for PHP 9,499 (which is actually on sale for PHP 5,199 right now), or splurge on the Marshall Woburn II for PHP 29,490


Now is the best time to hold a horror movie and TV marathon, even if you have to do it virtually. Bring those cocktails and other goodies you prepped, too. Netflix has a lot of good (and bad) content, and we want to mention a few notable ones:

We’ve been hearing incredible and eerie things about shows like The Haunting of Bly Manor, Kingdom, and Ju-On: Origins. All of these titles are on Netflix, too.

If you have a Viu subscription, you can also check out Gonijam: Haunted Asylum and Killer Toon.