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5 air fryers under P5,000 that you can shop online

Air fryers are in lately and I understand why. They’re easy to use and promote healthy cooking by using little to no oil. But, like microwave ovens, they can be pricey. If you know where to look though, you can find good deals! I did the digging for you beautiful people and here are five air fryers that’s on sale for less than P5,000!

One of the most affordable air fryer you could get now is from the brand Caribbean. For just about P3,000, you can own an air fryer with a pretty big capacity at 4L. Other models usually are at just three or even two liters, so this one is somewhat big. The rest of its features are pretty standard including a 30-minute timer and up to 200-degree cooking temperature.

Carribean CAF-3200


3D, a trusted brand of home appliances, also has its own air fryer and it’s slightly compact. With a capacity of just 2L, this air fryer is considerably smaller than most on the list but that also means it’ll fit better on small kitchen counters. Another strong selling point of 3D’s air fryer is it’s non-stick metal food tray and grill, unlike other cheap air fryers that has plastic food trays.

3D Air Fryer 2L AF-2LM


One of the popular and most visible budget models you’ll find online is this bright red air fryer from Kyowa. It also comes in black if you like a less striking piece of food machine in your kitchen. It has a modest 3L capacity with rotary timer and temperature controls.

Kyowa KW-3810 Air Fryer 3.0L


If you want to cook a bigger batch in one cooking, look no further than Hanabishi‘s 7L air fryer. Easily cook a large whole chicken with room for some veggies on the side. Or maybe cook lots of oil-free french fries in one go? The choice is yours.

Hanabishi Air Fryer HAFRYER70


For a slightly more premium and newer model, check out Imarflex‘s shiny white air fryer. It’s got a stainless steel look and a glossy white exterior that makes it appear like it’s from Xiaomi. It’s standard in size at just 3L, but it’s equipped with a longer than usual 60-minute timer.

Imarflex Turbo Air Fryer CVO-430MW


And that wraps up our budget-friendly air fryers list! There are also cheaper air fryers available on Shopee and Lazada (and even on Facebook Marketplace), but I chose not to include them because of warranty issues since most of them have to be shipped from overseas. If you wish to see more cheap air fryers including the not-so-good ones, just click the links below to shop on Shopee or Lazada. Happy shopping! 🛒

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