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Gift ideas for quarantine hobbies

If there’s one good thing about 2020, people have been picking up or rediscovering hobbies. And these can be good things to look at while you think about your Christmas shopping list. We’ve focused on three popular quarantine hobbies for this gift guide. And yes, these are all going on sale on 11.11 over at Lazada.

We’re not going to keep you anymore. We’re just here to remind you that the prices indicated here are their 11.11 sale prices. Now, scroll down and do as Lee Min Ho says and “Add to cart.” 

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We were hit by a gardening boom as this pandemic rages on. So, for the new or seasoned “plantitos” or “plantitas” in your life. These gift ideas might be perfect for them.

Pots, pots, and more pots

If your loved one is into hydroponics, these vases and wooden frames would be perfect for them. The vase costs PHP 74.97 each, while the wooden frame starts at PHP 256.66.

If they love succulents, these cute owl-shaped pots with a tiered stand would be a great gift. Its sale price is PHP 539.

For the indoor plant lovers in your life, they can show off their plant babies on this two-layer plant stand, which costs PHP 512.

Glove up

Gardening is messy. You’re dealing with dirt. So, help protect their hands with these gloves. Protection is vital, after all.

While its sale price isn’t significantly lower, these PHP 64 garden gloves remind us a bit of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. It has claws on the one hand to make it easier to dig and plant.

If you want to gift them more conventional ones, there are these non-slip waterproof garden gloves for PHP 101.

Essential tools

Now, if they’ve only talked to you about beginning their plantito or plantita life, then start them off with some basic gardening tools. This three-piece set will only cost you PHP 84.39.

If they want to try their hand at taking care of succulents, this PHP 284.03 16-piece set should be a big help.


Spending most of our time at home has encouraged people to cook more or learn to cook . What better gift for a budding home cook than kitchen items?

Baking necessities

If they love baking, these square cake molds might be useful. These are available in different sizes, starting at PHP 59.50 for the smallest mold.

You can also gift these 24-piece stainless steel piping nozzles to the bakers in your life. The set’s sale price on 11.11 is PHP 201.63.

Ready to cook

The amateur cooks in your life most likely won’t have all the kitchen tools they need. Luckily, you can purchase sets for them at a discount. This five-piece baking and cooking utensil set will be available at PHP 288. If they need a more complete set, this 12-piece option costs PHP 711.

Get organized

Help them keep their kitchens clean with these products. There’s a cooking ware shelf organizer available for PHP 261 that keep pots and pans in one spot. And to better arrange condiments, this rotating tray makes it easier to access what’s needed. It gets almost a PHP 100 discount at PHP 253.


The pandemic has made us more conscious about our health, and some have taken to working out more at home. These products can help health buffs in your life stay fit and active.

Tech help

Gadgets and other accessories can help one’s fitness journey. The good thing is some handy products are up for sale online. You can get them the Xiaomi Digital Weight Scale, which will only cost PHP 1,690 on 11.11.

For those you’re thinking about giving a simple fitness tracker to, the Realme Band is on sale for PHP 690. Now, if you want to gift them with a smartwatch/fitness band with more tracking features, the Fitbit Versa Lite gets a significant discount down to PHP 6,920 (from PHP 10,390).

For the runners in your life who need earphones, there’s the wired JBL Endurance Run Sport for PHP 719. If you’re up for splurging a bit, the Aftershokz Trekz uses bone conduction technology to deliver music through your cheekbones. It goes on sale for PHP 4,920.

Home gym additions

You don’t need that much equipment to start working out. So, you can help your loved ones by adding to their workout from home experience. You can gift things like these legs and butt resistance bands, which start at PHP 100. Or you can give them a new yoga mat for PHP 292.81. Or a new exercise ball for PHP 175.42.

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