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MacBook Air 2020: Running on the M1!

The MacBook Air 2020 with the new Apple M1 chip has just been formalized. The ultra-thin computer promises to be much faster and more autonomous than ever.

During its “One More Thing” conference, Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air 2020 equipped with the Apple M1 chip designed in-house and based on an ARM architecture.

The new 13.3-inch laptop maintains the slimness that is part of the identity of this product line, but leverages its SoC to increase both power and battery life.


On the performance side, Apple mentions a MacBook Air M1 3.5 times faster than the previous model. Apple also prides itself on making a computer faster than 98% of PCs sold last year. On the GPU side, Apple says its MacBook Air 2020 is five times more powerful than laptops with the most powerful iGPU, namely Nvidia’s MX450.

The SSD itself sees its speed doubled to perform all tasks even more efficiently.


Integrated into the new MacBook Air 2020, the new SoC of 16 billion transistors uses an octocoral configuration with 4 powerful ARM cores and 4 economic cores engraved in 5 nm, for which the Californian firm is already announcing performance superior to the competition

As with the Apple A14, the new chip includes a 16-core NPU for artificial intelligence functions developing a processing power of 11 trillion operations per second, or as much as that of the iPhone.

Aside from the performances, the M1 chip also provides better energy efficiency. Thus, Apple claims to have created “the most autonomous MacBook Air ever designed”. Allow 15 hours of web browsing on battery or 18 hours of video playback without having to recharge the device.

The same goes for the 8-core GPU developing a computing power of 2.6 teraflops and which Apple claims to offer more power while consuming a fraction of the energy of competing products.


“We got rid of the fan,” says Apple to highlight a very quiet design in all situations. The M1 SoC also improves the webcam thanks to better image processing, white balance, noise reduction, etc.

In addition, The 2020 MacBook Air benefits from Thunderbolt and USB 4 compatibility. Also, note that the highest specs model can go up to 16 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage.

The Touch ID sensor, Wi-Fi 6, Magic Keyboard and display technology are a part of this new laptop as well.


This new 2020 MacBook Air with M1 chipset can be pre-ordered starting today with a $999 price tag, and will be available for sale in a week from now. For this price, you get 256 GB of storage and a 7-core graphics processor.

A second version at $1,249 is also available with 512 GB of internal storage and 8 cores.


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