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Themis Mirror is the smart bathroom mirror we all need in our homes

Connected homes are the future and your bathroom is no exception. Of course, adding smart tech to such a private area of your house entail special considerations – but the new Themis Smart Mirror by the Baracoda group is here to deliver.

Announced at this year’s CES, the Themis Mirror features a 10-inch screen that you can interact with using their touchless technology (yes, touchless!).

The smart mirror, powered by CareOS, also allows for face recognition and voice commands. It also connects to smart devices in your bathroom for a seamless & integrated smart experience.

Not only does the Themis Mirror work as a hub for smart devices. You can also watch tutorials on it – imagine doing your morning makeup on the very same mirror your watching the makeup tutorial on! There are also baked-in features like smart reminders, a women’s cycle tracker, and even wellness exercises. This thing is equipped with an RGB camera and an IR temperature sensor to gather info on your health & body, plus, UV lights for skin analysis.

Themis packs a lot and does a lot but they promise complete security for their users. According to Barracoda, all the data gathered is stored locally and then encrypted using software and hardware security modules.

At last year’s CES, I was able to try out the CareOS Poseidon Mirror which is a bigger version of the Themis Mirror featuring the same touchless technology. Watch below:

We’re definitely seeing the future of bathrooms – a wholistic approach to wellness and hygiene baked into a smaller smart device.

The Themis Mirror will be available to the public this 2021 and it will be priced at approximately USD 399 to USD 499.

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