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Samsung expands TV lineup with new Neo QLED, Micro LED televisions

It’s all about tiny LEDs for Samsung when it comes to its 2021 television lineup. Samsung gave us a sneak peek of what it plans to launch in the TV space, and we’re here to provide you with a quick look.


Samsung’s newest flagship line relies on new display technology and is calling it the Neo QLED series. This series depends on quantum mini LEDs for its backlight, with each diode at roughly 1/40 the size of previous LEDs. 

Thin micro layers are filled with these mini LEDs, and with the help of Quantum Matrix Technology, it achieves ultra-fine and precise control of these diodes. As with OLED, each of these diodes turn on and off individually, making the dark areas darker and the bright spots brighter. It also helps avoid blooming, a phenomenon where light from bright pixels leaks into the surrounding dark areas that create unsightly halos on objects on-screen.

Samsung also packs in its proprietary Neo Quantum Processor, which promises to optimize image quality to 4K and 8K resolution regardless of the input quality.

Source: Samsung

The company wraps these up in its sleek Infinity One Design package, which has a nearly bezel-less screen. The 8K models will have an attachable Slim One Connect box to help tuck away the TV’s cables at the back. The 8K models also get “room-filling” audio features like Object Tracking Sound Pro for tracking on-screen movement and SpaceFit Sound for analyzing the installed TV’s physical environment and outputting immersive sound tailored specifically to your space. 

The 8K and 4K models also get some smart features you might find useful, including gaming-specific ones. These include support for up to ultrawide 32:9 ratio, the option to adjust the picture up or down the screen when it’s in a letterbox, and the ability to get game-specific information in the Game Bar feature.

Another new feature Samsung introduces with the Neo QLED and on other 2021 TVs is the Samsung Health Smart Trainer. It uses a camera to track and analyze your posture and form in real-time while you exercise, making it seem like you have a personal trainer with you. It gives you feedback during and post-workout, helps you count reps, and estimate the calories you’ve burned. 

Source: Samsung

This camera will also support native video calling. Since it can pan and zoom, you can think of it like Facebook’s Portal devices.

Micro LED

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Samsung debut its Micro LED TVs. It started with the 2018’s The Wall, which is more of a commercial application. But now, the company is introducing 110-inch, 99-inch, and smaller sizes that can be brought home with you. The 110-inch Micro LED TV also has a new “4Vue” (Quad View) viewing option, allowing you to display four different sources at once. 

Samsung utilizes micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and color filters used in conventional displays. These self-illuminating LEDs promise to produce lifelike colors and brightness through its 24 million individually controlled LEDs. 

Source: Samsung

To match the visual experience, Samsung equips the Micro LED TV with Majestic Sound, which promises to deliver 5.1 channel sound with no external speaker. This experience can transform any room into a luxurious home theater.

The Frame

Samsung’s The Frame TV has been around since 2017, and the company isn’t done upgrading this stylish television. As part of the company’s Lifestyle TV line, it focuses heavily on the TV’s design. So, for 2021, The Frame gets more customization options on top of a slimmer form factor. And now, like The Sero TV, it also comes with a portrait mode, meaning you can mount it vertically or horizontally.

The 2021 model is now thinner (around half) than its predecessors to mirror a traditional picture frame’s depth. Attachable bezel options now come in five color options, and you can choose between Modern or Beveled styles.

Source: Samsung

And if you subscribe to The Frame’s new Art Store, you gain access to over 1,400 art pieces you can display on this television when you’re not watching. Of course, you still have the option to buy pieces individually or even display your photos or art.

Samsung’s 2021 The Frame TVs will start shipping later this year in the US. But the company hasn’t announced the exact model names and pricing yet.

Eco Packaging & Solar Cell Remote Control

Samsung is acknowledging its need to provide sustainable solutions for our future. In the realm of its TV manufacturing, the company plans to use eco-packaging for its QLED, UHD TV, monitor, and audio products in 2021. 

The company will also introduce a new Solar Cell Remote Control that’s made in part with recycled plastic and can be charged via solar or indoor lighting to help reduce battery waste.


Samsung also wanted to talk about its accessibility initiatives to help make its products more inclusive. It mentioned the SeeColors application designed to help those with color vision deficiency adjust the settings on their 2021 QLED TVs for a better viewing experience. 

Samsung also talked about Sign Language Zoom, Caption Moving, and Multi-Output Audio, which are features designed to help those who are hard of hearing, the deaf, people with low vision, and the blind.

Samsung vows to expand its Voice Guide feature—which provides audio guidance for people with the deaf and people with low vision—by 2022. And it said that it would continue to develop new AI-based features to enhance the accessibility of Samsung TVs in the years to come.

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