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VOY glasses will allow you to tune it yourself

VOY glasses literally put focus on things that matter.

These glasses look like normal spectacles to any onlooker but, they’re not. There’s a reason why they’re on of this year’s CES Innovation awardees.

With two tiny wheels on top of each frame, users can actually adjust focus from  focus from -5D to +2D. That means one can actually tune these glasses – to deal with near-sightedness or far-sightedness – yourself, even as you are wearing them! Designed originally for those with Presbyopia who usually need to purchase multiple spectacles because of their condition, these glasses allow for instant adjustment anytime you’ll need it.

The VOY glasses need no power or charging, and they weigh only ony 35 grams. Blue light blocking, anti-reflection, and UV protection is also built in. Also happy to report that they come in normal glasses and even shades with numerous color options available. Prices start at USD 59 from their website.

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