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Lutron’s new smart plug can manage your outdoor lights, come rain or shine

Here in the Philippines, we don’t have as many seasons like other parts of the world. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t subjected to harsh weather. Lutron’s newest smart plug promises to withstand the worst nature can throw at it while being able to turn on your patio lights, Christmas lights, or any other outdoor novelty lighting you have set up. 

The Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug is an IP65-rated plug designed to withstand heavy rain, dust, and snow. It can survive temperature extremes between -4F and 140F, and it’s said to be “sunproof,” too. The downside is it only has one automated outlet.

Lutron Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug (Source: Lutron)

To get the Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug to work, you just need to plug it into power and pair it with the Lutron Bridge via Lutron’s Android or iOS app. That Lutron Bridge needs to be plugged into your router to get the Caseta to work. 

Once that’s set up, you can turn the plug and your outdoor lights remotely from the app or automate the process to have it turn on and off at specific times. For regions with Daylight Savings, it has a built-in smart timer that adjusts the time.

Come rain or shine, this outdoor smart plug can handle extreme weather (Source: Lutron)

As a Lutron device, it works with many smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Ring, and Google Assistant.

The Caseta Outdoor Smart Plug will start shipping in late March for USD 80 (around PHP 3,840), which is admittedly pricey. But Lutron promises the device to outlast unforgiving weather changes, so we’re hopeful that cost covers it.

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