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This smart mirror can diagnose skin issues, recommend skincare products

We all deal with some sort of skin issue, and it would be nice if we had a dermatologist on call to diagnose what we’re dealing with. This new iteration of Lululab’s tech hopes to help you out without having to rely on anyone else. 

The Lumini PM is a smart mirror for your bathroom or vanity that diagnoses your skin problems and recommends skincare products, cosmetics, and devices to help you look your best. You’ll see your personalized recs through an accompanying mobile app. According to Lululab, the app has a social/community component to it. It can connect you to people who have similar skin, which should be great for getting additional recommendations.

Lumini PM (Source: Lululab)

Does the mirror itself give you Samsung Galaxy S5 vibes? That’s unsurprising given that Lululab was spun out of Samsung’s C-Lab accelerator.

The company initially launched this tech back in 2018, but it wasn’t something consumers could buy yet. Lululab still hasn’t released pricing and availability for the Lumini PM, but we’ll be sure to update when we hear more news. There is another smart mirror from CES that we’re eyeing and that at least has a price estimate.

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