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Ninu is a smart perfume gadget that can customize scents for you

We live in an age where every “dumb” machine around us is being turned into something “smart.” So, we aren’t particularly fazed that there might be the world’s first perfume dispenser with AI smarts. Because, why not? We’re intrigued enough that we can’t help but want to talk about Ninu.

Ninu is on a mission to revolutionize the traditional perfume industry. It is not just to use artificial intelligence to personalize scents but also to offer a more sustainable solution.

Ninu’s roots

The company’s press kit talks briefly about two Mesopotamian women, Tapputi and Ninu, and how their art involves combining scents into perfumes for the royals. At that time, perfume oils were valued for medicinal and well-being purposes. Tapputi and Ninu might be considered scientists or chemists of our time. It seems apt for the company to name itself after one of these women.

But the company also acknowledges Peter Florjancic—a Slovenian innovator credited for building the foundation of the perfume industry over 70 years ago—for inspiring its product designers and engineers to find a way to create tailored fragrances for everyone.

Customized for the mood or the occasion

Ninu’s device looks a lot like a tube of lipstick. The company prides itself on this Italian-designed cylindrical container that holds three cartridges covering three foundational scent categories.

This smart patent-pending innovation can dispense varying quantities of the scent depending on your mood or what the occasion calls for.

The Ninu smart perfume and accompanying app called Pierre
Ninu comes with an app called Pierre to help customize scents for you (Source: Ninu)

Hey, Pierre!

Of course, the way to control the scent-making process is through an accompanying mobile app called Pierre. You can select from preloaded ratios that depend on moods like FreshMove, and Sexy. Or you can come up with a concoction all your own.

The app and its AI capabilities give you full control over the scent you want. And it can alert you if you’re running out of perfumes in the cartridges so you can order refills.

There are two “families” of fragrances available. Ninu, unfortunately, decided to gender these. So, there’s one for men and one for women. (We’re hoping for a more gender-neutral one in the future.)

The Ninu smart perfume
Ninu prides itself in this Italian-designed cylindrical container for its perfume cartridges (Source: Ninu)

Points for sustainability

Aside from aiming for cool points with Ninu’s AI smarts, the company hopes to score points for a clean, sustainable product. 

Ninu promises that the fragrances are 100% vegan, phthalate-, paraben-, and sulfate-free, and they are sustainably sourced ingredients from France.

The packaging uses natural ink, the cartridges use perfume bottles made from recycled glass, and Ninu will replace its instructional leaflets with a QR code.

So, how much is it?

That information isn’t available yet. But we will update you with any news.

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