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Xiaomi confirms Feb 8 Mi 11 launch event

It’s been confirmed: Xiaomi Global is getting ready to launch something new on February 8. We received an invite from the smartphone manufacturer about the global premiere of “THE smartphone which will change the way you think about mobile filmmaking.”

In the package that LiTT‘s Isa R got, Xiaomi included three movie clues alongside three “Movie Magic” camera features you’re expected to see.

We speculated that the given clues refer to The Matrix, Inception, and Blade Runner. 

And relying on the clues, we think it refers to three specific features: slow-motion based on that famous Matrix scene, stabilization because of the top in Inception, and possibly AI smarts from the origami unicorn Gaff left Deckard in Blade Runner, hinting that he’s a robot. We’d love to hear your thoughts about what you think the three clues refer to!

Xiaomi calls it the Mi 11 on its Twitter announcement, so we’re speculating it’s a Mi 11 variant with these capabilities. What do you think?