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8 new TikTok features to use/watch for

TikTok has received many new features over the past few weeks. And with everything happening around us, it won’t be surprising if you’ve missed some of these announcements. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile eight of the notable features.

Some of these features are already live, and some are being tested. There’s also one that’s still in the works. We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer; scroll away and let us know what feature you’re excited for!

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LIVE NOW: More licensed music to use

TikTok users already have access to licensed music from Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Merlin. Now it adds Universal Music Group to the mix. The two companies signed an “expanded global alliance,” with a promise to “experiment with exciting new features.”

What it means for you is you get to use more of the music you love while supporting the artists who made the tunes, too.

LIVE NOW: Learn to use TikTok effectively

So, you started your TikTok account, do you know how to utilize it fully? That’s where the TikTok Creator Portal comes in. It’s an online hub where you can learn all about the platform. It has six learning categories for you to check out:

  • Getting started on TikTok
  • TikTok creation essentials
  • TikTok foundations for success
  • TikTok content Strategy
  • Community guidelines and safety
  • Getting paid to create
TikTok Creator Portal (Source: TikTok)

LIVE NOW: Get your facts straight

TikTok now warns you if you’re posting or sharing videos with unverified and questionable information. These clips will get a warning label that reads: “Caution: Video flagged for unverified content.” 

TikTok will inform creators if their videos are flagged, and the platform will reduce the video’s distribution.

TikTok wants to make sure you aren’t sharing unverified information (Source: TikTok)

Those who want to reshare the videos will be asked if they’re “sure you want to share this video?” It won’t prevent you from sharing, but the prompt might dissuade you from resharing unverified information.

Videos that violate TikTok’s misinformation policy are taken outright.

LIVE NOW (?): Creators can rewatch, download live streams

We are a bit uncertain on whether Live Replay is widely available. But we got information about this feature from Digital Information World and Andreas Sandre on Twitter.

Live Replay allows creators to replay their live streams and download these within 90 days. It should help creators review content to improve on future streams and get highlights for future posts.

TEST: Q&A with creators

We’ve already written about this feature, but we wanted to include it in this roundup. TikTok intends to simplify and centralize questions addressed to its creators.

This feature lets creators add a Q&A button on their profile or the comments section of their posts. The creators get to see all these questions in one place, and it gives them the option to answer via video, text, or during a live stream. 

It’s currently being tested with public Creator Accounts with over 10,000 followers. These creators also need to opt-in to the feature in their Settings.

TikTok tests new Q&A feature on its platform (Source: @MattNavarra/Twitter)

TEST: Save recipes with Whisk

TikTok partners with Samsung Next-owned Whish to simplify the recipe-saving process in the app. It’s currently in “alpha testing,” so it might not appear for you. TechCrunch reports seeing it on one of the app’s top food creators: The Korean Vegan, a.k.a. Joanne L. Molinaro.

It shows a new button on top of the username with the words, “See full recipe.” When tapped, it redirects to a Whisk page that shows more detail about the recipe. If you’re a Whisk user, you can save the recipe to your collection without leaving TikTok. 

New “See full recipe” feature seen on The Korean Vegan’s TikTok video (Source: TechCrunch)

Creators will get a new “add link” option to add the recipe in their videos.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Whisk, it’s a service that lets you save and compile recipes you find elsewhere into one place.

TEST: Learn more on TikTok with Quizlet

TikTok also strives to be a platform you can learn from (check out the #LearnOnTikTok hashtag). To provide a better learning experience, the platform partnered with Quizlet, an online study platform. 

Select creators that focus on informative content will get an option to add a Quizlet link to their videos. Viewers can click on the link to open Quizlet Flashcards, displaying more information about the topic in the videos.

Educators who create study sets on Quizlet can share these on TikTok videos to help their students learn the material better.

TikTok helps you learn more on the platform with Quizlet (Source: TikTok)

COMING SOON: Expanding shopping on TikTok

Expect a slew of e-commerce-related features on the platform. According to WWDsome of the features coming include influencers being able to share product links and earn commissions from them, brands being able to add product catalogs, and even live-stream shopping via mobile video.

Which feature is particularly useful for you? Let us know on our social media channels!