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iOS 14.5 emojis: More gender inclusivity, flex your COVID-19 vaccination or AirPods Max

When Apple updates its iOS platform, we usually get new emojis, too. For iOS 14.5, you can expect 217 new emojis. Beta users are getting a glimpse of these new symbols, which add more emojis that reflect the times we live in.

Bearded person emojis (Source: Emojipedia)

There are now more gender-inclusive emojis, giving those with beards gender options and skin tone choices for different couples.

Skin tone options are coming for couples (Source: Emojipedia)

Those who are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 can use the updated Syringe emoji. Apple takes out the blood from the original symbol to make it applicable to this situation.

The Syringe emoji then and now (Source: Emojipedia)

If you got yourself Apple’s premium AirPods Max headphones, you could flex them through the updated Headphone emoji.

Let everyone know you have the new AirPods Max (Source: Emojipedia)

Found yourself heartbroken recently? There are two new emojis to express your despair: Heart on Fire and Mending Heart. The latter is more for those on the mend (to that we say, good for you!).

Say what your heart feels with these emojis (Source: Emojipedia)

And while Gen Z is canceling the Laughing Crying emoji, three new smileys are coming: Exhaling Face, Face With Spiral Eyes, and Face In Clouds. All seem somehow relatable for the year we’ve had if you ask us.

Hard same, emojis. Hard same. (Source: Emojipedia)

The iOS 14.5 update is expected to arrive in the spring. And as Emojipedia pointed out, these previewed emojis might be subjected to design tweaks before the final release.

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