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5 things you need to know about the Dyson Digital Slim

Dyson’s newest powerful yet lightweight cord-free vacuum has a specific audience in mind, and it’s one you know well. The new Digital Slim vacuum is built for the Asian home and user in mind. And we can’t wait to share more about this new appliance.

Here are the five most important things you must know about the Dyson Digital Slim:

1. It’s lighter and smaller

The Digital Slim was built with the company’s engineers thinking of the Asian owners and their cleaning habits. The vacuum is both 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the Dyson V11. 

The more lightweight machine suits the frequent cleaning Dyson observed in Asian homes. It also has a shorter wand to match the smaller physique of many Asians. When compared to the V11, its wand or rod is 15% shorter and 6.3mm thinner.

The Dyson Digital Slim is lighter and more compact to account for Asian users with smaller physiques (Source: Dyson)

The Dyson Digital Slim also offers a better grip. Its handle has a smaller circumference to provide those with smaller hands an improved and more comfortable grip on the vacuum. Even the trigger has been contoured for better comfort for your finger.

To help reduce the weight further, the Dyson Digital Slim is one piece with its seals, rivets, and wall thickness all pared down. It only weighs 1.9kg.

2. It sucks… hard

The Dyson Digital Slim might be smaller, but the company vows there’s no loss of suction. It comes built with a powerful Dyson Hyperdymium motor, highly efficient cyclones, and carbon fiber filaments for picking up fine dust. The motor spins up to 120,000rpm to create a powerful suction.

The specially designed motor produces the powerful airflow expected in all of Dyson’s machines. But the Digital Slim features unique 11-scrolled cyclones, which offer better separation efficiency for less energy while making sure it captures fine dust. 

Dyson promises no loss of suction with this vacuum (Source: Dyson)

As Dyson describes it in its press release, “At 100,000g, the 11 scrolled cyclones have been redesigned to fit the machine and ensure they remove more dust and dirt from the airflow. A wider radius at the entry point reduces energy losses, scrolling air in at a less tangential angle to reduce air resistance. As the cyclones narrow, air is accelerated to create the centrifugal forces that capture fine particles.”

Dyson also re-engineered the airflow path through the cleaner head to create a more direct airflow path, allowing for improved edge cleaning performance.

And yes, it can reach those tough spots, too. (Source: Dyson)

The Digital Slim achieves 99.99% filtration of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This covers things like dust mites, allergens, and other irritants that can harm your health.

3. Swap it, then use it

Yes, the Dyson Digital Slim comes with a removable, “fade-free, energy-dense” battery. It’s composed of five nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery cells that can run up to 40 minutes in Eco mode on hard flooring and up to five minutes in Boost mode. Your runtime will vary depending on your use and the type of floor you use it on.

Dyson Philippines isn’t selling the spare batteries yet, but it plans to in the future. We’ll make sure to update you when it is available.

It’s so much more easier to clean with the Digital Slim (Source: Dyson)

4. Crucial info at a glance

Like the V11, the Digital Slim comes with an LCD screen. It takes the guesswork out of the critical information you need to know. It displays the cleaning mode, remaining runtime, and even filter maintenance reminders and blockage reports.

5. Better to clean with

To work with the smaller Digital Slim, Dyson also re-engineered its soft Fluffy cleaner head. It is now 40% lighter. But it’s still capable of helping you get your cleaning done.

Dyson engineers stitched the carbon fiber filament and felt onto the cleaner head instead of using an adhesive to reduce its weight. But the company promises you’ll achieve a similar pickup as the V11 when it comes to both large debris and fine dust.

The Digital Slim comes with different attachments to let you clean what you need (Source: Dyson)

This vacuum will ship with the standard attachments, including the Combination Tool, Light Pipe Crevice Tool, Mini Motorhead, Up Top Adaptor, Reach Under Tool, Extension Hose, Wand Clip, and Mattress Tool. It allows you to clean everything from floors, mattresses to hard-to-reach areas with these accessories.

Dyson promises simpler maintenance as the appliance is engineered for smoother and easier dirt ejection. And the brush bar, clear bin, light-up crevice tool, and combined pre-/post-motor filter are all washable.

The Dyson Digital Slim is available starting today, February 19, at PHP 29,900 via Dyson’s website, Dyson Demo Stores at Greenbelt 5, The Podium, SM Aura Premier, SM Mall of Asia, and major electrical department stores.

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