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You can schedule text messages on Android, here’s how

Is text messaging still important to you? Admittedly, we use it more for communicating with people who deliver the stuff we buy online. But if it’s something you still use regularly and you’re on Android, you might want to check out this new feature coming out soon.

Google recently announced a schedule send capability for the Messages app on Android. Devices that run on Android 7 or later will have access to the feature.

Source: Google

All you need to do is type your text message as usual, then press and hold on the send button until the option to select a date and time to deliver the text pops up.

Google hasn’t specified when the rollout will begin, but you must have the latest version of Messages installed to use this feature.

Why does this matter?

It’ll be useful if you keep in touch with someone who lives in a different timezone than you. Maybe you want to send a text blast for your small business, and you want the announcement to come out simultaneously. Or perhaps you don’t want to seem too eager when replying to a new person you’re seeing.

While we’re on the topic, we’re big fans of scheduling emails, too, which Google’s Gmail app offers natively. If you aren’t using that, we think you’re missing out! It’s useful for the reasons we’ve mentioned above.

Are you excited to get this feature? Let us know!