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LOOK: Herschel strikes back with bags inspired by ‘Star Wars’

Herschel Supply Co.’s latest collaboration is sure to draw fans of the galaxy far, far away. The Canadian bag and accessories brand partnered with Star Wars to unveil bags inspired by some of the iconic villains of the 1980 film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V).

Herschel’s signature bags are reimagined with elements from Darth Vader’s, the Stormtroopers’, and Boba Fett’s body armor.

“When we began designing the line, we imagined what each character might use if they carried Herschel and pulled specific styles from our product range for each of them, so every set of bags is completely unique,” said Jon Warren, VP of product design at Herschel Supply Company, to

Warren goes into detail in that interview about the bags’ features if you’re interested in checking that out.

Source: Herschel

Darth Vader’s set includes:

Source: Herschel

All bags come in all-black as an homage to the franchise’s most famous villain. Some details reference the Sith Lord’s uniform, including his lightsaber’s red color on the tonal Herschel label outside and the straps. The liner has a custom pattern inspired by the triangular grill on his helmet. And even the woven label inside the bags has a surprise, with the iconic Vader quote, “No, I am your father,” hidden behind it.

The Little America backpack and Nova Mid-Volume have rain covers with a reflective Imperial Crest stowed away. You’ll spot the screen-printed word DEPLOY, which was translated into Aurebesh. 

Source: Herschel

The Boba Fett-inspired line includes: 

Source: Herschel

The bags come in a custom camouflage that reflects the bounty hunter’s armor and his dinged-up helmet. There are external pockets in the bags that look like his cargo pockets and a braided zipper pull that is a nod to the braids hanging off his right shoulder in the film. 

The Dawson and Classic backpacks also come with a rain cover, but it has the Mandalorian’s crest instead of the Imperial crest on Vader’s bags. Of course, you get a quote, too, on the bag labels that read: “As you wish.”

Source: Herschel

The Stormtrooper’s bags are available in the following styles: 

Source: Herschel

These bags come in a sleek white colorway with a royal blue interior. You can see different details of their uniforms screen-printed on the bags. The Settlement Case, Warren pointed out, had the thermal detonator printed on it. Simultaneously, the straps on the Miller backpack are modeled after the stormtrooper’s chest plate. And when it’s worn, you get the hit of black.

From the photos released, you can already tell that a lot of detail went into bringing these bags to life. What do you plan on getting? Let us know on social media!