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Qualcomm Snapdragon fan? You can be an Insider, too

Qualcomm wants the Snapdragon fans to know that it’s listening, and it wants its most avid users to unite through a new online community.

The Snapdragon Insiders initiative will give you access to all the latest buzz on the brand alongside exclusive perks, access, and experiences.

Qualcomm wants to offer this community a way to converse with the company and help shape the future of Snapdragon. Those who join get access to monthly “drops” to connect you to the Snapdragon brand further. Qualcomm divides these drops into three categories: Access, Passion, and Tech.

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Access Drops

  • Small-group interactions with content creators and Qualcomm experts
  • Snapdragon-branded merch & apparel 
  • Backstage event access

Qualcomm wants you to get to know Snapdragon and its features better. So, starting this March, the company will partner with a “rotating cast” of creators to co-host monthly interviews and “ask me anything” (AMA) sessions with its engineers. Qualcomm wants the experience to be more interactive, so it’ll solicit questions and topics from the community in advance.

Source: Qualcomm

Passion Drops

Purpose-built activations focusing on key passion areas:

  • Mobile Gaming
  • Photography
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Music & Audio

Activities or events to look forward to includes mobile photography masterclasses. Qualcomm will work with creators to teach different lessons on Snapdragon-enabled features, such as action photography, HDR, 8K video, low light, etc.

These classes will be invite-only, live-streamed sessions on Instagram Live or YouTube Live with a question and answer portion included.

Source: Qualcomm

Tech Drops

  • Be among the first to get news and announcements about Snapdragon-enabled devices
  • Giveaways

As a given, you will get first dibs on the company’s latest announcements and access to giveaways, too.

After listing all the perks, you might ask about who qualifies as a Snapdragon Insider? Qualcomm described them as tech enthusiasts. These are “vocal consumers who are active online. Avid users of social media, they stay up to date on their passions—like gaming, photography, and sports and fitness.”

If you think you fit the bill, you can sign up on now. You can also subscribe to email updates. Expect merchandise and community forums to arrive in the coming months.

To stay updated with the brand and its monthly drops as well as engage with the community, these are the dedicated Insider social channels:

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