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Fujifilm instax mini 40 brings retro looks and a selfie mode

There’s a new instax camera in town that brings with it some useful, user-friendly features you might appreciate. 

The instax mini 40 offers a selfie mode that you can activate by pulling the lens out to enable the feature. This will make your selfies or group shots sharper. And the small mirror in front will help you compose your photos.

Source: Fujifilm

It also has automatic exposure, which means it’ll instantly adjust the shutter speed and flash before you shoot to get correctly exposed photos.

The instax mini 40 is housed in a slim black plastic body with silver accents. It’s easily portable as it’s just a bit larger than your smartphone.

Alongside the launch of this new instant film camera, Fujifilm has a new instax mini Contact Sheet that copies the look of old analog contact sheets made from developed film strips.

Source: Cactus Images Limited

The Fujifilm instax mini 40 retails for USD 99.99 (around PHP 4,853), while the instax Contact Sheet costs USD 14.99 (PHP 728). Both are expected to be available by the end of April 2021.