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1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones: Top 5 reasons to get these colorful buds

I love gadgets with personality, so I appreciate brands that aren’t afraid to inject a bit of color into their devices. 1More gives us that option with the Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones. (I’ll just refer to it as the Stylish moving forward.)

The Stylish aren’t all about looks, though. I’m here to share some of its more compelling features that might be important to you when you make your TWS earbuds purchase.

Colorful options

I already mentioned this, but that’s unavoidable, given how it’s the first thing you’ll notice. There are four colorways for the Stylish: pink, gold, green, and black. I had the pink variant with me, which lovers of that shade will appreciate. It’s easy to spot if you have it on, and, more importantly, you can easily find them inside a bag, whether you’re looking for the buds themselves or its small egg-shaped charging case.

Good audio and thumping bass

The Stylish offer some decent audio. There’s good enough sound separation, allowing me to hear the songs I’m listening to quite clearly. I was pleasantly surprised by the bass on these earbuds. If you’re into bass-heavy tracks and want a light pair of buds to carry around, these are worth checking out. (Billie Eilish’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO is a treat to listen to on the Stylish!) 

They don’t offer active noise cancellation, but they have good enough seals that you can keep outside noise out while focusing on what you’re listening to. Sound generally doesn’t leak either (unless you crank it up), so you won’t be broadcasting to the world what you’re listening to. You can keep them at around 50% while still keeping the outside world out. They don’t sound too tinny if you turn up the volume, but then again, you should be avoiding that for your hearing anyway.

The Stylish come equipped with a 7mm dynamic driver and a Bluetooth 5 chip with Qualcomm aptX Audio Technology and AAC. These technologies mean you get optimized, low distortion sound, whether you use an Android or iOS phone with these earbuds. Music, audiobooks, podcasts, and even calls are going to sound great. 

The Stylish also enable multi-pairing modes, which means you can pair both buds to your device or just use either earbud individually. 

Pro tip #1: Switch around which earbud is connected to your phone after listening for some time so that they can drain at almost the same time. Otherwise, you’ll drain one earbud faster than the other. You can check battery health on the 1More app.

1More missed an opportunity of adding an equalizer in its mobile app. You’ll have to rely on what your connected handset offers. I mostly used it with a Samsung Galaxy A72 (review coming up on the site soon), which thankfully had an equalizer and other sound quality tweaks.

Pro tip #2: With multi-pairing, you can share one of your earbuds with a friend as you would sometimes do with wired earphones. But you’ll need to be no more than 10m apart to get this to work.

1More equipped the Stylish with DSP technology for environmental noise cancellation, which means you can make calls comfortably even when you’re in noisy environments. Those on the other end of your phone calls or video calls can hear you clearly. 

Pro tip #3: If you take or make many calls, these will work as your Bluetooth headset. Since they offer multi-pairing, you can just keep one in your ear and stow away the other.

Fast-charging case

According to 1More, it’s possible to get 24 hours of use with the included charging case. They get around six and half hours of use before you need to top them up in the case. That charging case can offer three other total charges. That length of time is possible if you keep the volume at around 50%. (As for standby time, they can supposedly last for 96 hours.) There are lighting indicators on both the earbuds and the case to let you know if they’re running low on juice.

But my favorite thing about the buds’ included charging case is that you can do 15-minute charges that give around three hours of use each time. It’s so convenient when you just want to continue jamming to music or that riveting podcast you can’t stop listening to. I get around five or six charges out of the case with this 15-minute charging period. 

Comfortable fit

As with other wireless earbuds, getting the right fit is essential to keeping them in place. 1More offers three pairs of its ear tips and the O-Hooks. The nozzles of the Stylish are angled at a 45-degree oblique angle so they can lay naturally in your ear canals. This design makes it comfortable for extended use. I’ve napped with these on and used them until I’ve drained the battery. Ear fatigue was never a problem with this pair.

It works with low- to medium-impact workouts like yoga. I’ve even tried wearing them while jumping rope. They will loosen a bit, but I’ve managed to keep them on.

Easy operation

It’s always a plus in my book when manufacturers add buttons to TWS buds. It allows for independent use from your phone. 

As with other buds, the Stylish will let you play and pause tracks, switch songs, activate your phone’s voice assistant, pick up and decline calls, and control your volume. You can even turn the Stylish on and off outside of the case, which I like.

Volume control came through an over-the-air update on the app. It’s a bit cumbersome to get the update. But I love having volume controls on the earbuds themselves, so they’re worth the hassle.

Final thoughts

I love that there’s more to the 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (wow, that’s a mouthful) than a shiny appearance. The pair offer great sound, decent bass, and a comfortable fit. There are TWS earbuds out there that last longer on a single charge. But their quick-charging capabilities definitely have me hooked. If all of these are important to you, these might be a worthy investment.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are available through 1More’s official website for USD 99.99, but these are currently discounted at USD 79.99.

You can also score a pair through Digital Walker for PHP 4,990, but you can get them at a discount now for only PHP 2,490. You can buy them from Home Office, Lazada, and Shopee.

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