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Top 5 reasons why the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is (still) a good watch

The Huawei Watch GT2 Pro isn’t a recent release but almost half a year after its global announcement, it still proves to be a worthy smart watch option. Let me explain:

It has a timeless look

A big consideration when it comes to things I wear on my body is how good it looks – this, of course, extends to smartwatches. The Huawei Watch GT line has historically met my fashion standards and the Watch GT2 Pro isn’t an exception.

At 46mm, it might be a little too big for some, but as someone who’s a fan of chunky watches, it works out for me. The Titanium body and that round face is a classic neutral look that will work well with casual, business, and even workout attires. It comes with a black strap and that, too, is interchangeable so you can do many different looks.

Many different watch faces for your every mood

Beauty is not just skin-deep. That Sapphire Glass screen (Note: Durable!) looks really, really good. At first glance, and with the right watch face, it almost looks like an analog watch. Annnnnd, that’s not all: You can also change watch faces depending on your mood for the day.

This is a pretty good screen on a watch with and you just swipe around it to navigate. Because it’s an AMOLED screeen, it also has an Always On Display!

It’s not only all about looks

Aesthetics isn’t always everything and the Huawei Watch GT Pro 2 holds up to this standard. It allows for phone notifications straight to your wrists, there are remote photo and music playback features, and – a feature I always use – Find My Phone functions! This thing has a mic and speakers so that also means you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and you can take calls on this (it’s honestly pretty cool).

Still has one of the best battery lives on a full blown smart watch

2 weeks. No need for any other explanation.

It also features wireless charging, meaning you can charge it on any universal wireless charger plus it’s reverse wireless charging capable. That means you can use a phone with reverse wireless charging to power this device when it unexpectedly dies on you (which it won’t cus two-week power, baby!).

We need to get off our butts more

This thing has GPS built-in, new skiing and golf modes, automatic workout detection for outdoor walks or runs, and even a built-in altimeter – except we all have been indoors during a pandemic since this thing was launched.


Features like sleep and heart rate monitoring, and even SP02 monitoring make this wearable relevant in your every day, even if every day is just spent at home.

BUY the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro HERE.