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This Samsung interactive site turns your iPhone into a Galaxy device

Are you that iPhone user curious about what it’s like over on the Android side, specifically the Samsung Galaxy experience? Samsung pulled off a clever way for you to try out its software without having to head to a Samsung store and awkwardly swipe and poke at phones while a salesperson tries to sell the phone to you. (Not that we can quite do that right now. You know what? I kind of miss those experiences. But I digress…)

Samsung’s interactive iTest website is advertised in New Zealand, but the site and access to its features are available globally. To try it out, you need to visit the site where you’ll need to scan a QR code to install a web app on your iPhone’s home screen.

Once you’ve set that up, tap on the iTest app on your iPhone and wait for it to launch the simulated Galaxy smartphone home screen with a range of apps and settings to browse through.

It lets you open many features and apps, including the Galaxy Store, Messages, Camera, and Phone app. It will even allow you to apply Themes. 

There are simulated phone calls and text messages that share different Galaxy features. In the Camera app, photographer and filmmaker Logan Dodds gives you a tour and tutorial of Samsung Galaxy’s available photography. You can also tour the Gallery app.

Samsung offers tutorials for the Samsung Health and Samsung Kids app. If you head to Settings, you’ll see some of the customization features, too. 

Samsung even jokes around as you tap on some settings and apps that aren’t available by saying that the experience is simplified “so our developer could have a lunch break.”

Samsung also uses this opportunity to show off its different wearables and accessories through the Galaxy Wearable app.

MacRumors reader pointed out that iTest requires an iPhone 7 or newer to work, which, of course, is another cue from the company to offer its devices.