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Best gift ideas on Lazada for Mother’s Day 2021

It seems like we just blinked, and now Mother’s Day is upon us again. It’s time to treat that special lady in your life with a lovely gift (especially if you’ve been a bit of a headache for her). We’re here to help you out if you’re feeling a bit stumped on what to give your beloved mom. What’s great is many of these items are on sale on Lazada, so now’s the best time to add them to your cart.

Ace Hardware 5-Piece Garden Tool Set + Flower Pot Stand Rack Deck

SRP: PHP 999 (tools) + PHP 3,990 (80cm rack) | Sale price: PHP 499 (tools) + PHP 935 (80cm rack)

Maybe your mom has always had a green thumb, or she just picked up the hobby in this pandemic. Why not get her some new tools? This set includes a trowel, a transplanter, a cultivator, a bottle spray, pruning shears, and a lightweight plastic case in a lovely purple shade.

If she’s running out of space for her succulents and other small plants, this rack deck would be an excellent gift for her.

Buy the Ace Hardware 5-Piece Garden Tool Set HERE. *

Buy the Flower Pot Stand Rack Deck HERE.

Keeping Coffee Home Brewing Kit

SRP: PHP 799 | Sale price: PHP 665

Does your mom love coffee? This home brewing kit from Keeping Coffee might be the best gift for her. There’s a choice of what kinds of beans to get from the product’s Lazada page.

Buy the Keeping Coffee Home Brewing Kit HERE.

Dowell UV Mites Cleaner (UVMC-09)

SRP: PHP 3,050 | Sale price: PHP 2,495

Help your mom keep her bed, sofa, carpet, and other items free of bacteria and mites with this vacuum clear. It offers three stages of sterilization to kill unwanted creatures in her living space.

Buy the Dowell UV Mites Cleaner HERE.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 

SRP: PHP 14,990

If your mom loves fun, light colors, she’s going to love the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite’s color options. It comes in Peach Pink, Bubblegum Blue, and Boba Black. And this Android phone is thin and lightweight, too, that’ll be easy for her to carry around. With an AMOLED display, she’ll enjoy watching her favorite shows on it.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite HERE.

Fitbit Versa 2

SRP: PHP 14,590 | Sale price: PHP 11,290

For your health-conscious and active mom, you can get her this smartwatch from Fitbit. It keeps track of her daily activities, sleep, and even smartphone notifications. And she doesn’t have to charge it daily with its promised six-day battery life.

Buy the Fitbit Versa 2 HERE.

Colourette Easy Matte Everday Set

SRP: PHP 3,141 | Sale price: PHP 2,999

Treat your mom with eight different Colourette Easy Matte lipsticks. These wearable shades will work for whatever mood she’s in. The lipsticks even come in a small pouch for easy storage. 

Buy the Colourette Easy Matte Everyday Set HERE.

instax Square SP-3 Instant Mobile Printer

SRP: PHP 9,499 | Sale price: PHP: 8,929.06

If your mom misses out on having printed copies of family photos, you can get her this portable printer from instax. Arm her with some instax film, too, so she’s ready to print what she wants.

Buy the instax Square SP-3 HERE.

Braun Satin 7 Hair straightener

SRP: PHP 6,495 | Sale price: PHP 4,352

Get your mom a new beauty tool she’ll appreciate. If she colors her hair or gets it colored, this hair straightener from Braun can protect her locks.

Buy the Braun Satin 7 Hair straightener HERE.

Basket of goodies

Lick The Spoon Antipasto Roasted Eggplant + Lick The Spoon SaGaNa Tinapa Lemon & Garlic + Lick The Spoon Lemoncillo Dulce De Leche + NutraRich 65% Dark Mango Crunch Box + Happy Island Vanilla Oud Scented Soy Candle

SRP: PHP 280 (Roasted Eggplant) + PHP 200 (Tinapa) + PHP 170 (Lemoncillo) + PHP 250 (NutraRich) + PHP 799 (Happy Island)

A way to a woman’s heart can be through her stomach, too. Buy your mom some of these yummy treats, and throw in that candle for aesthetic/fragrant purposes. 

Buy the Lick The Spoon Antipasto Roasted Eggplant HERE.

Buy the Lick The Spoon SaGaNa Tinapa Lemon & Garlic HERE.

Buy the Lick The Spoon Lemoncillo Dulce De Leche HERE.

Buy the NutraRich 65% Dark Mango Crunch HERE.

Buy the Happy Island Vanilla Oud Scented Soy Candle HERE.

Desk accessories

Kate Wooden Laptop Stand + Tin Mini Drawer/Desktop Storage + Rix iPad & Tablet Stand

SRP: PHP 630 (Kate Laptop Stand) + PHP 1,260 (Tin Mini Drawer) + PHP 550 (Rix iPad Stand)

Outboxd Furniture offers some unique wooden accessories to decorate your mom’s working space with, including the Kate Wooden Laptop stand made from reclaimed mahogany, Tin Mini Drawer made from Sapele wood and black metal sheet, and this Rix solid wood iPad or Tablet Stand. Buy one or get them all; it’s up to you.

Buy the Kate Wooden Laptop Stand HERE.

Buy the Tin Mini Drawer HERE.

Buy the Rix iPad and Tablet Stand HERE. 

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