Weighing in: Smart scales you can buy right now

Digitizing your health data is an excellent way to have the information you need with just a few taps on your mobile device. It’s good that more and more companies that offer wearables and smartwatches also offer digital scales to complete the experience. (You don’t even need to have smartwatches and wearables from these brands; as long as your device can access the companion mobile apps, then you’re good to go.)

We’ve listed some smart scales you can check out—arranged from the most affordable to the priciest one.

Huawei Scale 3

SRP: PHP 1,499

The Huawei Scale 3 offers you a way to identify your body composition, which you and your fitness consultants can use to determine what you can do to achieve your health and wellness goals. This scale can measure your Body Fat Percentage, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Body Water Percentage, and more. 

You can check your data through the Huawei Health App, which you can connect to the Scale 3 via Bluetooth. This smart scale also connects through Wi-Fi, allowing you to get your measurements without needing the app with you. It will just sync your data to the cloud. It also offers a Guest mode if you want to share the scale with someone. Guests’ data will be deleted after measurement.

Buy the Huawei Scale 3 HERE.

realme Smart Scale

SRP: PHP 1,590 | Discount: PHP 1,200

The realme Smart Scale is also comprehensive about what it measures. It covers everything from weight, body age, fat rate, basal metabolism, visceral fat level, bone mass, heart rate, and more. It connects to the realme Link app to give you a customized health report every time you use the scale. And this Smart Scale supports multi-person health data profiles.

If you want to weigh fruits, small pets, or even babies, the Smart Scale offers a Small Weight mode, which measures weight from 50g to 9.99kg with a precision of up to 10g. realme promises 360-day long standby. It uses four AAA batteries to run.

Buy the realme Smart Scale HERE.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

SRP: PHP 1,650

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 comes equipped with a G-type manganese steel sensor, allowing it to detect subtle 50g weight change. It can switch between dynamic and static weighing modes, where the latter can measure the weight of small objects as light as 100g. But, like the other scales, it can track precise data points like weight, visceral fat, muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolism, body size, body fat, body age, and more. Your data will be accessible through the Mi Fit app.

This smart scale can also conduct a body balance test if you need that. Like the realme Smart Scale, you can get a 12-month battery life out of the Mi Body Composition Scale 2.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 HERE.

Fitbit Aria Air

SRP: PHP 2,990 | Discount: Starts at PHP 2,850

It will make sense to get your hands on the Fitbit Aria Air if you use Fitbit products as it seamlessly integrates with the brand’s ecosystem. It can monitor your BMI and weight and then sends your weight stats to your Fitbit account so you can quickly see trends and your progress through easy-to-read charts and graphs. The Fitbit app is also where you can access tools to help you reach your fitness goals. 

The Aria Air connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. This scale supports multiple users, so you can share it with those who live with you. Individual stats will be sent to each user’s personal account, so you won’t be sharing that information with others unless you want to share it. The Aria Air runs on three AAA batteries.

Buy the Fitbit Aria Air from Lazada HERE.

Buy the Fitbit Aria Air from Shopee HERE.