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24 hours with the POCO M3 Pro 5G

The POCO M3 doesn’t just get a Pro variant, but a 5G upgrade, too. It brings next-generation connectivity to more budget-conscious users. The new POCO M3 Pro 5G will retail for PHP 8,990 (4GB) and PHP 11,990 (6GB).

Right now, POCO offers early bird pricing for both variants at PHP 7,490 (4GB) and PHP 9,490 (6GB). You can avail of the POCO M3 Pro 5G at these prices from June 3 to June 4 and then on June 6 via Lazada. *

So, what do you get with this new POCO device? I wanted to give you the first look and my initial experience with the POCO M3 Pro so far. (I’ll refer to it as the POCO M3 Pro or M3 Pro moving forward just so it’s easier to type.)

Let’s get right into my first 24 hours with this phone.

May 30, 2021

8:03 am – 91%

After taking pictures of the POCO M3 Pro last night, I just left it alone until this morning to set it up. It was around 94% last night, and now it’s at 91% after the quick setup with the help of Google’s data transfer tool. It’s still downloading apps I use right now, but I’ve decided to top it up to 100% to see how long it’ll take me to use up that battery today.

LiTT tip #1: If you’re transferring from one Android phone to another, use Android’s built-in tool. It’ll prompt you to use the feature when you first power up the device. Make sure your old Android phone is on hand because you’ll need to open the Google app there first. It’s the simplest way to import your apps, Wi-Fi passwords, call logs, and for some phones, even your messages. You can learn more at this link.

8:33 am – 100%

Since it’s fully charged now, I will start logging into the apps I use regularly and answer some messages and emails I’ve gotten through the night.

A bit of sun is coming into my home office, and I’ve realized I needed to max out brightness to see better on the POCO M3 Pro’s 6.5-inch FHD+ screen. And then, I did some digging into the settings and found that it has MIUI’s Sunlight mode, which is handy for looking at the display on a bright day. It’s not going to be the brightest display outdoors, but it will at least be legible. Switching it out to a 90Hz refresh rate, too, to make it smoother to scroll through the device. There’s also Dark mode here, which I’ve scheduled to turn on at night.

9:23 am – 94%

Just got off of a quick 10-minute video call with my dad, and I’ve been able to hear him quite clearly through the speakers, and he could hear me quite well, too. I’ve also managed to easily connect the realme Buds Q2 that I’m testing with this phone. I have a timer running in the background to track how long I can use these earbuds before I fully drain them.

I’m also now going to use this phone to watch The Irregulars on Netflix. The POCO M3 Pro supports Widevine L1, allowing me to enjoy Full HD content on the streaming service. It has a single bottom-firing speaker that’s somewhat loud. For devices like these, I prefer to use earbuds while I watch shows on them.

10:42 am – 83%

I’m still watching my show on Netflix, but what I like about that app is it supports picture-in-picture so I can answer messages and set up the phone while my show continues to play. The POCO M3 Pro doesn’t seem any slower, even as I multitask like this. This handset is the first POCO device to run on a MediaTek 700 5G chipset. I have the 6GB RAM + 128GB configuration with me, but a 4GB RAM + 64GB option is available, too. This device offers expandable storage via microSDXC.

11:18 am – 77%

Just finished watching another episode of the show I was watching. I’m continuing the setup of the phone while listening to music. I like the familiarity of MIUI 12 on this phone that I’ve gotten introduced to with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10. I could do with fewer pre-installed apps, but thankfully, you can uninstall a bunch of them.

3:10 pm – 56%

I listened to podcasts while I prepped a quick lunch and checked on Instagram and Tumblr, but I mostly left my phone alone since the last time I checked in. I’m now listening to music on it while I write these observations on the phone itself.

I came from using the Redmi Note 10 as a daily driver, and the POCO M3 Pro feels a bit heavier, not by much, but it just feels heftier somehow. I have no trouble typing on this phone, and it’s been responsive so far. This handset also keeps its fingerprint sensor on the power button, which I prefer. It’s been easy to unlock the POCO M3 Pro so far.

It’s comfortable to hold with or without using the jelly case it comes with. I prefer to have the case on the phone since it has a reflective back that makes it a fingerprint magnet. But it doesn’t make me worried about whether the phone will be slippery in hand. It feels well-built. I’m testing the Power Black option, but you can get it in POCO Yellow and Cool Blue, too.

4:13 pm – 48%

Using the POCO M3 Pro as a second screen while I write some stories on my PC. I occasionally notice the 8-megapixel selfie shooter’s hole-punch when I’m staring at an app with a white background. But I’m able to ignore that camera cutout when I watch things on this phone.

5:53 pm – 33%

POCO arms the M3 Pro with an all-around camera that casual smartphone photography users can use. The rear cameras include a 48-megapixel primary sensor and two other 2-megapixel sensors for macro photography and depth management. I used it to shoot a bit to try it out. It’s still somewhat bright out, so I find the cameras capable of focusing quickly. I like that you can tweak the bokeh after the fact with Portrait mode, along with some fun effects to play around with

Auto vs Macro

Selfie: Auto vs Auto with Beauty filter enabled

I even used to make this quick Instagram post. With good lighting, it’s easy to have shareable photos from this phone.

LiTT tip #2: I find Night mode useful for low-light situations, like taking photos at dusk or when you’re out in the city with tons of light. It’s a simple photo mode to experiment with.

Auto vs Night

8:59 pm – 28%

After shooting with the phone before dinner, I mostly left it alone to spend time with my family. Now, I’m trying to squeeze in some last-minute work and answer some emails. After that, I used it to browse social media and play some Cooking Battle and Asphalt 9. Both games worked fine even if I cranked up their settings to the maximum. Throughout the day, I never felt bogged down by the POCO M3 Pro. It quickly launched apps, let me multitask seamlessly. It has the makings of an excellent daily driver.

May 31, 2021

6:41 am – 14%

I just woke up, and while I typically don’t check my phone in the morning, I had to make an exception for this test. I did enable battery saver before I went to bed. As a 5G device and one with a slightly higher refresh rate, I’m not that surprised it drains the 5,000mAh battery quicker than usual. Pair that with me working and using the phone a lot. The good news is the device supports 18W wired fast-charging, and you even get a 22.5W charger in the box. (Since we’re still basically in quarantine, I really wasn’t able to take this phone out to test its 5G capabilities.)

After feeding the cat, I spent some time trying to take her picture. I found the camera’s Slow Motion feature quite helpful in capturing the cat’s shenanigans. I completely drained the battery just a bit before 9 am.


She’s silly after a meal. (Shot on a pocom3pro5g) #KITTY #fyp

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

First thoughts

The POCO M3 Pro 5G left quite a favorable first impression on me. I like that we’re getting more affordable options in the 5G smartphone space that don’t feel like you’re compromising the important stuff. This handset remained responsive throughout the first 24 hours and helped me get through my tasks without holding back.

If there are more things you’d like to know about the POCO M3 Pro 5G, let us know on social media!

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