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Xiaomi’s HyperCharge tech offers 200W wired charging, tops up custom Mi 11 Pro in 8 minutes

We’ve heard rumors of Xiaomi unveiling this 200W late last year, and now, the company is ready to show off its new HyperCharge tech. Xiaomi posted a video on Twitter showing its latest fast wired and wireless charging technology in action. It used a Mi 11 Pro equipped with a 4,000mAh battery and charged it with a 200W wired charger and 120W wireless one. 

The tech broke world records for wired and wireless charging, with the wired HyperCharge solution topping up the phone in just eight minutes, while the wireless option took around 15 minutes to charge the device entirely. Impressive. 

AS GSMArena pointed out, it took the 200W HyperCharger only 44 seconds to get from 0% to 10%, around three minutes to get to 50%, and then to the full 100% in eight minutes. Its power wattage fluctuated between 15W and 198W. As for the wireless tech, it took a minute to get it up to 10%, seven minutes to get it to 50%, and then 15 minutes to 100%.

Right now, Xiaomi’s fastest charging speed on a commercial device is the Mi 10 Ultra’s support for 120W wired charging, which gets the phone to 100% in half an hour.

These charging speeds certainly make us think about the possibilities. However, don’t expect it to come to actual devices yet, as charging with these hyperfast speeds will degrade current batteries faster, too. Of course, we will still wait for the day when we finally get that option just to leave our phones to make a cup of coffee or tea and have them ready to go.

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