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Check out Xiaomi and POCO’s 6.6 deals

Xiaomi and POCO phones are generally good buys, but now you can get better deals during tomorrow’s 6.6 Mid-Year Sale. Both brands are offering some of their recent/semi-recent releases at discounted prices. 

These are the POCO devices you can get at a discount:

ModelSRP6.6 sale price
POCO M3 Pro 4+64GBPHP 8,990PHP 7,490
POCO M3 Pro 6+128GB11,9909,490
Poco X3 Pro 6+128GB12,99010,990
Poco X3 Pro 8+256GB15,99013,990
POCO F3 6+128GB17,99015,990
POCO F3 8+256GB20,99018,990
POCO M3 4+64GB6,9905,490
POCO M3 6+128GB7,9906,490
POCO X3 6+128GB10,9908,990
POCO X3 8+128GB12,9909,990

And these are the Xiaomi devices you can get at reduced prices:

Model SRP6.6 sale price
Redmi Note 10 4+64GBPHP 8,490PHP 7,990
Redmi Note 10 6+128GB9,9909,590
Redmi 9A 2+32GB4,4904,290
Redmi 9C 3+32GB4,9904,490
Redmi 9C 3+64GB5,6905,490
Redmi 9T 4+64GB7,2906,990
Redmi 9T 4+128GB8,3907,990
Redmi 9 3+32GB5,9904,790
Redmi 9 4+64GB6,2904,990
Redmi Note 9 Pro 6+64GB11,9909,490
Redmi Note 9 Pro 6+128GB12,9909,990
Redmi Note 9S 4+64GB10,4908,070
Redmi Note 9S 6+128GB11,4909,530
Redmi Note 9 3+64GB9,9905,090
Redmi Note 9 4+128GB9,9905,990

To check out these deals, visit the Xiaomi official store on Shopee and Lazada or POCO’s official store on Shopee and Lazada

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