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Samsung Frame TV: Top 5 things I love about this literal work of art

I’ve had the 55-inch Samsung Frame TV in our living room for over a month now and there are a number of reasons why I love this thing. I’m not even going to talk about how good this TV is for viewing purposes – there are plenty reviews which can tell you that already. Over and above image and sound quality, I lay down reasons why I’ve been so happy with this tech in my home.

It’s the most aesthetic TV ever

Pandemic life has forced me to deal with what’s right in front of me: my living space aesthetics. The Samsung Frame is a sleek device that’s designed to blend in perfectly into your home – and it did mine.

Claude Monet, Water Lilies (1907)

Those white bezels are magnetically attached so in theory, I could get the walnut colored bezels so that the TV would match my space. I absolutely loved this – one too many times, my tech’s aesthetic (or lack thereof) has clashed with the room look I wanted to go for.

Ideally, you hang this thin piece of tech and it will sit on your wall like a painting – which I imagined would look so, so good. (I was returning this TV to Samsung after I tested it so I couldn’t do that. Very sad). Nevertheless this thing looked really nice in our space because…

It’s a literal work of art (like I said in the title)

I like pretty things in my home. The following paintings are from Gustav Klimt (Fulfillment, 1905), Maria Ines-Gul (Mutual Respect, 2021) and Paul Gaguin ( Still Life With Head Shaped Vase.. ,1889).

To compare, here is artwork on my living room wall opposite to the Frame by Filipino artist Raul Alcomendas. The main difference? This isn’t on a TV, those previous three paintings were.

The Samsung Frame has an Art Mode which allows you to show off different pieces on the TV. It looks very, very good. Below is Paul Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire with Large Pine (1902) and just look at those details close up!

Imagine your TV looking like a literal painting when you’re not watching anything on it! There’s also a motion sensing standby mode which turns off the “painting” when there’s not one (no movement in the room), and turns it back on when it senses people. Samsung also offers a subscription service for even more pieces, and there’s a complimentary collection which includes those I’ve shown off.

Cable management will not give you a headache

Cable management is the bane of my existence. I absolutely hate how messy cables can make a space look so… messy. I’ve gone through absolute lengths to make sure cable eye sores are not in view. That being said, I’d like for you to observe the photo below.

Yes folks, no cables. Well, technically, there’s one cable and it’s this:

The Samsung Frame has this one thin silver wire coming from the TV to a connection box and that’s it.

It is then this nondescript box that connects to the power outlet, and also where other ports and connections can be made. Literally so good, I didn’t have to break my back tangling and untangling lines to make this TV work AND look good and neat in the corner where it sits.

It’s smart!

I like my home tech the way I like my people: smart. And, the Frame delivers.

This TV connects to the Samsung SmartThings app and you’ll be able to add it to your Google Home or Alexa system. That means you can just ask your Smart Assistant to power this device on or off.

And yes, it’s a full-fledged smart TV meaning you can control it through the app and ut gives you your Netflix, Youtube, or even Facebook Watch on the TV. Of course, it has a whole other host of smart features but for purposes of this article, know that it ticks that smart home box.

It also comes with this really sleek remote because sometimes we just want to do stuff old school.

Seamless phone to TV experience

Whether on a Samsung phone, other Android devices, or an iPhone, this TV will be able to cast things seamlessly.

A lot of people, including yours truly, have been retrained to watch stuff on their phones. Being able to cast any device in a matter of seconds is truly a useful feature in my homogenous phone home. From Youtube videos, to Tiktoks, to photos, or even screenshots, we’ve now the option to look at all of them on the best screen on the house.

Buy Samsung The Frame 55-inch TV HERE.