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Sneak peek: Samsung’s One UI Watch for Wear OS

At its MWC event a couple of days ago, Samsung unveiled a new smartwatch interface it’s calling the One UI Watch. It is designed to run on top of the latest Wear OS that Samsung is developing with Google.

From the teasers alone, we see a design that does look like a blend of Samsung’s Tizen and Google’s Wear OS. The company mentioned in a press release that “One UI Watch together with the new unified platform will create an entirely new Galaxy Watch experience.” 

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And while it’s setting out to create that new experience. This new One UI version carries on Samsung’s objective to create a more coherent interface between Galaxy smartphones and watches. 

Some of the features you can expect from One UI Watch include:

Auto-app installation

When you install a compatible app on your phone, One UI Watch will also automatically download the app on your smartwatch.

Settings port to your wrist

The connection between Galaxy phones and smartwatch extend to settings. If you have different clocks for various cities on your clock app, these will show up on your smartwatch. Numbers you’ve blocked on your phone won’t show up on your wearable. And if you block numbers on your watch, these will also get blocked on your Galaxy device. Samsung has also mentioned that the layout of One UI Watch’s Settings menu will “closely reflect” the layout on your phone.

Access to more apps

Samsung’s Tizen didn’t have access to as many third-party apps as Wear OS. And now, with the companies’ new partnership, One UI Watch gets more apps for its users to use. The platform will have access to the Google Play Store, so you can get apps for your Galaxy Watch there. Some of the apps coming to the next Galaxy Watch include Strava, Adidas Running, Calm, Spotify, and Google apps like YouTube Music and Google Maps.

A watch face design tool for developers

Android developers interested in creating watch faces and experiences for smartwatches can access a new watch face design tool from Samsung. 

Samsung plans to launch a new Galaxy Watch with One UI Watch later this year (summertime in the US).