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Cool Tech of the Week: Nanoleaf Elements

Lights do more than illuminate a space; they can help set the mood and give a room a different feel. That’s what Nanoleaf had done with Shapes before and now with the Elements line it launched last month. The new smart light panels come in a wood-like veneer that can fit into many homes. The light shines through the panel when it’s on, but these just look like wood installations on the wall when turned off.

How they operate is similar to Nanoleaf’s other hexagonal light panels. They glow from both the front and back for a double lighting effect, and you can program them with different lighting patterns and effects. There are 11 preset lighting effects, or you can use Nanoleaf’s app to program your own. Unlike the Shapes, these don’t have a full-color spectrum. Instead, you can get from warm to cool white. The panels are touch-sensitive, and these can sync to music or adjust the white temperature automatically throughout the day, depending on circadian rhythms.

These decorative lights will also serve another vital purpose. The Nanoleaf Elements can act as Thread border routers, which turns them into a hub for the Thread network and extends the signal throughout your home. The Thread network is an open networking protocol built by an alliance of companies that include Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, and, recently, Apple. Nanoleaf plans to release that update soon.

What this means for you is that the Nanoleaf Elements can communicate with other devices on the Thread network. You can also control these lights with your Android device or use gadgets that support Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The Nanoleaf Elements pricing starts at USD 299.99 (around PHP 15,015). This starter kit includes seven panels that you can arrange in any pattern you like. You can also get packs of three light panels for USD 99.99 each (around PHP 5,005).

Sources: The Verge + 9to5Mac

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