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Cool Tech of the Week: TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario

This is not the smartwatch to buy for speedy internals or the latest processor (yes, we know Google plans to revamp Wear OS). But it’s a watch for the wealthy Super Mario fans who want a piece of nostalgia in a classy TAG Heuer timepiece.

The TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition comes in at a hefty USD 2,150. It shows a more playful side to the Swiss watch brand with an animated dial that shows Mario getting more energetic as you become more active. The animations follow a reward-based system to monitor your fitness goals and daily physical activity. As HypeBeast pointed out, you can think of the overalls-wearing super plumber as your personal trainer encouraging you to hit your daily goals.

Taking inspo from the game series’ “Easter Egg” concept with Mario celebrating your progress featuring his signature power-up moves. At the cardinal points of the bezel, you can see iconic Super Mario objects on them. When you hit the 3 o’clock position, the Super Mushroom there helps make Mario grow. At the 6 o’clock position, Mario emerges from the pipe and speeds through to the 9 o’clock spot where the invincible Super Star lights up and encourages you to complete the ring. When you’ve hit your daily target, Mario will climb the level-up Goal Pole as he would at the end of a stage in the games.

Aside from this gamification of your daily activities, this limited-edition smartwatch also gets four reimagined signature TAG Heuer dials. The “Timekeeping” face features elements of the 1985 pixelated version of Super Mario Bros, while the “Orbital face swaps the neutral network with Mario boosters. There are also two versions of the “Heuer 02” featuring the games’ trademark red and blue colors.

The TAG Heuer x Super Mario comes with two interchangeable straps with the Super Mario logo. One has a sleek black leather on red rubber, and another is a sportier red perforated rubber band. The words “TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition” are inscribed on the screw-down case back.

The hype around this special variant of the TAG Heuer Connected is so real that the watchmaker sold all 2,000 pieces already.

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