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OPPO shows off next-gen under-screen camera tech

It’s been three years since OPPO started developing its under-screen camera (USC) technology, and now, the company is ready to unveil what the next-generation solution looks like. 

Existing innovations in this space have been plagued by inconsistent display quality in the screen area above the under-screen camera, poor image quality, and product reliability and lifespan. OPPO wants to address all these issues with this new solution.

OPPO proudly claims it can deliver image quality that is “much closer to that of a regular front-facing camera.” This time, its display also offers a “true full-screen display without compromising the integrity of the screen.”

The company attributes precision design, a unique structure of the screen, and proprietary AI algorithms as factors that helped improve the display’s quality. As for the camera, OPPO’s used its AI imaging algorithms to help with anti-diffraction, AWB, and HDR. 

Selfie sample with OPPO’s USC 2021 tech

Here are some of the innovations OPPO wanted to highlight:

Innovative pixel geometry: This new USC solution shrinks the size of each pixel without decreasing its number, making sure you get a 440ppi high-quality display even in the camera area.

Innovative pixel geometry of OPPO’s next-generation under-screen camera

Transparent wiring and new design: OPPO replaces the traditional screen wiring with new transparent wiring. And with high-precision manufacturing, the company could reduce the wiring width by 50%, which means it gets an even better display quality.

Improved control of screen accuracy, color, and brightness:  OPPO works out a way to offer a better screen with a new application of its proprietary screen tech. Instead of adhering to the industry standard of using a one-pixel circuit to drive two pixels, OPPO uses a pixel circuit to drive a single pixel. Combined with its precise algorithmic compensation technology, this solution allows the screen’s brightness and chromaticity to be precisely controlled with a deviation of around just 2%. 

This means that you can accurately see smaller fonts and get better-quality images in terms of details and colors when you look at the screen. 

This new tech also improves the display’s lifespan by up to 50%. Of course, that’s something that still needs to be tested in an actual product.

Right now, OPPO continues to work on its hardware design and algorithmic processing capabilities to optimize the under-screen camera further. Its end goal is to bring “a more immersive, true full-screen under-screen camera system to users worldwide.”

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