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realme’s ‘MagDart’ is ready to take on Apple’s MagSafe charging tech

realme wants you to know it’s entering the magnetic wireless charging space with a whole slew of new accessories to take advantage of its tech. MagDart brings magnetic wireless charging to Android, and it’s designed to be more powerful than Apple’s MagSafe. It offers a maximum output rated at 50W instead of MagSafe’s 15W.

MagDart leverages the company’s speedy 65W SuperDart charging tech and creates its own air-cooling system to maximize performance. According to realme, the charging speeds on MagDart should be almost on par with its 50W SuperDart wired charger. The realme Flash concept phone, with its 4,500mAh battery, can be charged from zero to 100 percent in under an hour.

MagDart magnetic wireless charging system inside the Realme Flash (Source: Realme)

What MagSafe has over MagDart is it’s less bulky than realme’s offering. So, the company responded by also developing a 15W MagDart charging pad that’s slightly thinner than the MagSafe charger. realme was able to reduce its size by hiding the circuit board in the plug. The added benefit is it keeps the charging coil cooler for higher efficiency. This slim charging pad can reportedly top up the realme Flash in around 90 minutes.

realme is offering more than these two accessories. There will also be a MagDart power bank that doubles as a wireless charging stand, a MagDart Beauty Light, and a MagDart Wallet.

The MagDart Beauty Light is a flip-up ring light with 60 mini LEDs, offering adjustable brightness and color temperature. This accessory is powered by the phone’s reverse wireless charging feature.

As for the MagDart Wallet, it’s like the MagSafe Wallet. It can hold up to three credit cards in its vegan leather pockets and comes with an aluminum kickstand, too.

realme GT owners will get a special case to make their devices MagDart-compatible. Of course, this will add a bit of a bulk near the bottom of the case’s backside.

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We don’t know yet when realme plans to release the accessories or its first MagDart-compatible devices. But we’ll make sure to keep you posted on any developments.

If you want to check out the launch event, we’ve linked the video below.