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Xiaomi now has a 100-watt wireless charging stand

Xiaomi wants you to futureproof your wireless charging accessory. The company has just launched a new wireless charger that supports 100-watt charging. With the model name MDY-13-EL, it looks similar to the 80W version (model MDY-13-ED). But this new version comes in black with bronze accents, while its predecessor comes in white with silver accents.

You can still place your smartphone horizontally or vertically when you charge. The new model still uses standard Qi charging tech, features a dual coil design, and its dynamic fan will kick in when needed. The MDY-13-EL also still has the same Xiaomi 120W charger and 6A USB cable.

This 100W charger gets an additional current calibration protection layer. It also keeps the over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, electrostatic protection and foreign object detection of the previous model.

As GSMArena pointed out, it seems peculiar that Xiaomi released this accessory, given that the 80W covers the fastest wireless charging speed in its existing lineup. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has 67-watt wireless charging support, and its newest Mix 4 only goes up to 50 watts. Maybe there’s a new device in the works it’s prepping for? We can’t say what right now.

The Xiaomi MDY-13-EL goes on sale in China starting today for CNY 599 (around USD 95 or PHP 4,685). There is no word about international availability for now.