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Jabra’s new earbuds can help improve hearing

Jabra leans on the expertise of its parent company, GN, with its newest true wireless earbuds. The Enhance Plus join other products in this growing segment that blurs the line between buds and hearing aids.

The Enhance Plus is for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who don’t require an all-day hearing aid just yet. At the same time, these work as earbuds you can take calls on and listen to music with.

Jabra describes these buds as “a miniaturized true wireless form factor” that’s 50 percent smaller than its Elite 75t model. The compact size allows these to be more discreet and comfortable. Since they look more like earbuds, they help reduce any stigma around conventional hearing aids. The company will offer multiple ear tip sizes so you can get the best fit.

Inside, these buds have four separate sound processing features that work to improve audio quality. They are designed to analyze the sound to come out as naturally as possible while reducing unwanted background noise. These buds also ensure feedback won’t hinder amplification while isolating sounds coming from you.

These can go long on a single charge, with Jabra promising up to 10 hours with the buds or a total of 30 hours with the charging case. The buds also feature onboard controls, IP52 water and dust resistance, and a companion app for tweaking settings.

Jabra plans to introduce the Enhance Plus at “select hearing care clinics” in the US “towards the end of the year.” A licensed professional will conduct a hearing test to make sure these earbuds will work for you. Jabra hasn’t announced the Enhance Plus’ price yet, but it says it is working on approval under the FDA’s self-fitting category.

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