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Top 5 reasons to get an LG UltraWide monitor

Work-from-home life has transformed us all. From wanting my whole work setup to be the lightest, most compact configuration, I am not setting up for a cozy day’s work in the comfort of my home. 

Recently, I’ve succumbed to the technological marvel that are external monitors. From the laptop touting on-the-go gal, I’ve surrendered to a more permanent setup that includes LG’s 25UM58-P UltraWide monitor.

Here are some things that convinced me to make that switch.

  1. It’s a treat for your eyes

It’s the 21st century curse to be looking at screens all day every day. From my work (writing scripts, editing) to play (watching shows and reading articles), all my activities seem to be hinged on looking at black mirrors. After countless brushes with eye fatigue, eye twitching, and just general dry eyes from too much screen time, I decided to make a switch. Of course, the best way to take care of your eyes in this screen-filled life would be the 20-20-20 rule (which entails resting your eyes away from screens every 20 mins). But, I figured that I also wanted the time spent on these screens – since they were long stretches of time – should be on good-looking screens. And there is no doubt: Versus any screen on your laptop, an external monitor, depending on what you get, can elevate that experience. 

This monitor is rocks a FHD 2560×1080 IPS Display – that’s one good screen. We’ve all heard about seeing stuff in “rose-colored glasses” but non-idiomatically speaking, the colors just look better on here.


In most things, it’s usually almost always not the size but the performance, BUT that isn’t the case here. Literally, this LG monitor is wider than your average screen which means you can fit more stuff on it. 21:9 ratio means you can edit on a longer timeline, or multi-task with as many programs you can – there are even different split screen and Picture in Picture settings! Bottomline: There’s so much more space that you ever thought possible on a screen.

  1. works for a lot of use cases

I harp about work use cases because, sure, that’s what we need done. But, this LG UltraWide is also good at the fun stuff. Imagine watching movies on this literal wide screen! For the gamers, there’s also a Game Mode that allows for different customizations and even Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync for more victorious conquests on this screen.

  1. Your back will thank you

Being hunched down on a computer the whole day is no fun. As portable as laptops are, by nature of their design, they will never be eye-level and this can lead to literal back-straining situations. Monitors, on the other hand, give better eye-level viewing that you can even adjust or customize. Better ergonomics on your WFH space means you’re more comfortable in the spot you have to sit at the whole day!

  1. Easy setup

One too many times, I’ve been deterred to upgrade tech due to stuff just being too complicated. For this LG UltraWide, though, I just had to plug and play. One wire for power and another for display and you’re good to go. I also love that there’s a wire hook area at the back of the monitor stand (because cable management is the bane of my existence).

If you’re looking for a sign to get that monitor, this is it. Definitely an investment that will have you feeling and seeing better.

The LG 25UM58-P UltraWide monitor retails at PHP 12,699. Learn more about it HERE.

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