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OPPO’s new innovations: Imaging tech, wireless charging, digital car keys

You know OPPO as a smartphone manufacturer, but the company is thinking more and more about the ecosystem around its devices. It is exploring what else smartphones can offer in the Internet of Things segment, and that’s what we’ve seen in OPPO’s latest announcements. The company has shared updates on innovations in smartphone imaging, wireless charging, and in-car connectivity. Let’s take a quick look at each of them:

Innovative imaging tech

OPPO showcased the innovations it’s developing for its smartphones’ cameras at its 2021 OPPO Future Imaging Technology Launch Event. The company focuses on upgrading sensors, modules, and algorithms. The goal is to improve capabilities like light sensitivity, zoom, and stabilization. OPPO also has an update for its under-screen camera tech.

The company is developing a new RGBW sensor that lets in 60% more light than its predecessor while reducing noise by 35%. This sensor can make it easier to get clearer and brighter shots in low-light conditions. It also improves photo and video portraits with enhancements to skin, texture, and contrast. The new sensor is expected to debut in the fourth quarter of 2021.

OPPO is also developing an 85-200mm Continuous Optical Zoom, which supports smoother zooming and the capture of sharp images from close portraits to far-away landscapes without cropping. The tech also avoids conventional multi-camera zoom system issues, including white balance inaccuracy, jumping, or color bias.

For more stable pictures and videos, OPPO will introduce a Five-axis OIS system. When used at night or for motion shots, the proprietary algorithm tech can significantly improve stability, clarity, and color performance. It also promises improved vibration compensation performance by up to 65%. You can expect the Five-axis OIS in OPPO devices starting the first quarter of 2022.

OPPO is also working on a new algorithm that supports its next-generation under-screen camera, so future products get the “perfect balance” between screen and camera quality. The tech promises a 400 PPI high-quality display with the help of transparent wiring and a new design. The result should be a finer display quality and a smoother visual experience. 

The company explains in a press release, “With each pixel circuit driving only 1 pixel (1-to-1) in the screen and OPPO’s precise algorithmic compensation technology, the chromaticity and brightness of the entire screen are more precisely controlled, with a deviation of only about 2% and an improved screen lifespan of up to 50%.”

OPPO Imaging Director Simon Liu

OPPO’s US Research Institute has also developed a series of imaging AI algorithms to optimize the imaging quality of the under-screen camera. These include diffraction reduction, anti-condensation, HDR, and AWB. The AI diffraction model has been trained to control issues caused by diffraction at the light source, promising clearer, more natural-looking photos.

MagVOOC and “Air Charging”

At Smart China Expo 2021, OPPO showcased its magnetic wireless charging tech, which sister company realme has also teased. Following realme’s MagDart and the more widely known Apple MagSafe, OPPO has the MagVOOC series. (VOOC is what OPPO calls its charging tech.)

MagVOOC wireless power bank

At the expo, OPPO showcased three new MagVOOC accessories. There’s a new slim wireless charger that can charge a compatible smartphone at 20W. There’s also a wireless power bank with a 4,500mAh capacity and Qi standard support. And then there’s a MagVOOC 40W charging stand, which is reminiscent of the Warp Charge 50 Wireless charger from its other sister company, OnePlus.

MagVOOC wireless flash charging stand

OPPO also teased its own “Air Charging” tech, an over-the-air wireless charging technology we’ve seen from company’s like Xiaomi. Its transmitter is rated to send power to a disconnected device at up to 7.5W–regardless of whether the transmitter and the phone are in perfect alignment.

In-car phone connectivity

OPPO also showcased at Smart China Expo its in-car smartphone connectivity capabilities. The company has formed partnerships with automakers like NIO, BYD Auto, and Geely to “explore new possibilities” in the space while being open to other collaborations.

OPPO mentioned a digital car key, which will let its smartphone users unlock their cars via Bluetooth. Those with an OPPO Find X3 or OPPO Watch 2 can remotely turn on the aircon or sound the horn to find their vehicles via remote vehicle control. The company also plans to have in-car flash charge support with OPPO’s 65W VOOC USB flash charge and 40W VOOC wireless flash charge.

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