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Segway launches robot lawnmower with GPS to stay on your lawn

You might know Segway for those bulky personal mobility vehicles mall guards use. But that isn’t the only product the company has in its stable. Segway just entered the robot mower market with a new product that stays on your lawn without the help of perimeter wires. 

The Segway Navimow uses GPS and other sensors to stay on your lawn. The company cites the Exact Fusion Locating System, which helps the robot mower maintain its position within two meters. If the GPS signal drops, the sensors and data it has will ensure it works as intended. 

You can program Navimow and define its boundaries and what it should avoid through an app. According to the company, this machine has an algorithm that figures out its mowing path so it won’t criss-cross back to areas it’s already done.

The Navimow’s offset blades can trim edges and corners while gradually cutting grass from the above to reach the height you want (between three and six centimeters). It can handle 45-degree inclines, too.

If you’re worried about noise, the Navimow operates at a relatively quiet 54dB. The machine also has an IPX6 water resistance rating. And while Segway said it could “withstand rainfall, heavy splashing, and high-pressure water jets,” the Navimow’s rain sensor will guide it back to its charging station if it detects rain. You can disable this sensor if you want it to continue to work even when it’s raining. 

To avoid accidents, the Navimow can detect and avoid obstacles, like toys on the ground or kids and pets that are getting too close, and stop its blades from spinning.

There are four variants of the Segway Navimow:

  • H500E (covers up to 500 square meters) – EUR 1,199 (around USD 1,425 or PHP 71,005)
  • H800E (800 square meters) – EUR 1,499 (USD 1,780 or PHP 88,770)
  • H1500E (1,500 square meters) – EUR 1,999 (USD 2,375 or PHP 118,380)
  • H3000E (3,000 square meters) – EUR 2,499 (USD 2,970 or PHP 147,990)

The three more expensive options come with larger batteries to cover bigger lawns and add 4G support and a GPS anti-theft system.

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