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This IKEA accessory can turn your desk into a wireless charger

If you wanted a more seamless way to add Qi wireless charging into your home without having to redecorate or add unsightly devices on your surfaces, IKEA has the solution for you. Last month, the company launched Sjömärke, a USD 39.99 (around PHP 2,023 converted) wireless charging pad that will work with your wood or plastic furniture.


Unlike typical Qi charging pads, the seven-inch by three-inch aluminum and plastic charger works through plastic or wood. You put the device under the table and use double-sided tape or screws to secure it. 


IKEA will supply you with sticky tape, a six-foot power cable, and stickers to mark the location of the charging spot. You’ll need to get the screws yourself.


As we’ve mentioned, it will only safely work with furniture pieces made of wood or plastic. And there needs to be a minimum distance of around 8mm from the phone. IKEA recommends using a surface between three-eighths and seven-eighths of an inch thick.

It has an LED that indicates charging status and temperature and power monitoring for safety. It is compatible with the latest Qi 1.2.4 baseline power profile to perform within the standard 5W charging range.

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