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Samsung goes bespoke with the Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy Watch4

This story was originally published on October 20, 2021, and last updated on October 23, 2021.

We’ve already loved the customization you can do with the cases on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. Now, Samsung is bringing a new level of customization to its mobile devices. The foldable phone is getting a Bespoke Edition, letting you customize the device to how you want it to look.

You can’t choose any color you want, but there are 49 different combinations available for you. You can choose either a black or silver frame and front and back/top and bottom colors in either blue, yellow, pink, white, or black. Of course, the camera module part will remain black because of the cover screen, but otherwise, you can go wild and choose the palette you want.

You can even make a slight change down the line by swapping out the colors on the back glass panel via the Bespoke Upgrade Care service. According to the company, the panel costs vary, but it starts at USD 79 (around PHP 4,010 converted). This service will be available starting next month.

In select markets, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition is already available for USD 1,099 (PHP 55,787). That’s USD 100 (PHP 5,076) more than the base model, but we aren’t surprised given the personalization. The Galaxy Watch4 is also getting a Bespoke Studio to let you tailor the smartwatch to your liking.

But if you want a limited edition Galaxy Watch4 now and you’re a fan of Maison Kitsuné, there’s a version of the watch with unique design touches from the brand. The Galaxy Buds2 is also getting the Maison Kitsuné treatment.

The watch is available in Moonrock Beige with a cute little Fox-shaped hole and delicate engravings on the band. Samsung also includes a custom Stardust Gray strap with the Maison Kitsuné lettering on it. A Twilight Purple version of the watch band will also be coming to the Galaxy Watch4 Bespoke Studio later.

The buds also come in Moonrock Beige, but it is housed in a sleek Stardust Gray leather case decorated with a reimagined Maison Kitsuné Fox Head logo. An additional touch shows Fox’s head on the right earbud and the tail on the left.

On the software side, Maison Kitsuné’s music label Kitsuné Musique curated a playlist you can enjoy on your Samsung phones. You can install an exclusive Maison Kitsuné phone theme by tagging an NFC card that comes in the box of both devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Maison Kitsuné Edition costs USD 399.99 (PHP 20,304), while the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Maison Kitsuné Edition retails for USD 249.99 (PHP 12,690). Both are available for pre-order now in select markets.

UPDATE 1: 2021/10/23 10:12 A.M. GMT+8 BY NICOLE BATAC

Added more photos and info on the Maison Kitsuné collaboration

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