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The LG Styler takes care of your precious garments

Your everyday outfits might do okay with a quick tumble in your washing machine. But there are some garments you own we’re sure you want to take care of, or you have frequently used items that require extra caution when washing. LG is bringing in its Styler steam clothing care system to help you out.

The LG Styler is built with moving hangers that can release wrinkles and shake off dirt, dust, and unwanted odors. It has LG’s TrueSteam tech that only uses water to eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and allergens in your garments. And it does low-temperature drying, so it protects your clothes and hard-to-clean items from high-heat dryer damage. 

This system is built like a sleek, futuristic cabinet with a reflective front and a hidden LED display you activate to choose the settings you need to use. It can hold four items at one time, including three hangers and a pair of pants. And you can control it via LG’s ThinQ app available on Android and iOS. The app also lets you download additional cycles for different fabric types. 

And the Styler can handle many everyday and special occasion items you have at home. It can sanitize challenging things to wash like stuffed toys, bathrobes, towels, pillows, blankets, and more. At the same time, it removes any unpleasant odors on these items. It can even sanitize things like your motorcycle gear, helmet, bags, outerwear, and more.

This appliance can kill house dust mites and bacteria (like E. Coli and S. Aureus) and viruses like the hCov-229E/MHV variant of the coronavirus. It hasn’t been tested yet for the COVID-19 strain.

The LG Styler can also help you get ready when you haven’t found the time to iron. It can shake off wrinkles on outfits you’re planning to wear for the day and easily handle creases on your trousers to keep you looking sharp.

For your delicate fabrics or those tailor-made pieces of clothing (like a terno or a barong), you don’t even need to bring them to the dry cleaners anymore. The Styler has a special care system that can take care of these garments. You’re saving time and money getting that special outfit ready for any big event in your life.

The LG Styler’s gentle dry capabilities can dry your delicates and sweaters faster than air drying and more gently than a tumble dry. It can even serve as a dehumidifier in your closet. 

It isn’t complicated to set up and works with a standard electrical outlet. The machine itself has a heat pump and a water reservoir built in. According to Jun Lee, LGEPH product director for Home Appliances, the LG Styler only uses 490 watts per cycle, which should be around PHP 4 per cycle.

The LG Styler retails for PHP 139,995 (around USD 2,775 converted). LG offers a 10-year warranty for this premium product.

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