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instax Mini Evo is a digital camera that can print your instax film

Fujifilm’s newest instax camera brings you the best of both worlds. The instax Mini Evo is a digital camera capable of printing instax Mini film. It looks like a retro camera with top-mounted dials and a print control button that looks like a film advance lever.

To help you achieve the shots you want, it has 10 lens modes and 10 filter options, giving you 100 different combinations to play around with. According to Fujifilm, it has twice the exposure resolution as previous models, so we assume that can help improve image quality.

A three-inch LCD screen on the back can help you adjust settings, frame your pictures, select what you want to print, add frames, edit those images, and then print them. If you don’t want to print what you’ve taken just yet, you can send your photos to the instax Mini Evo Smartphone app. It can come with an embedded instax frame so that you can share these as digital instax snaps. Likewise, you can send photos from your smartphone to print on the Mivi Evo.

Fujifilm is also introducing a new instax Mini Stone Gray instant film with a new gray border. The new digital-film hybrid camera is coming to Japan on December 3, while it’s launching in North America in February 2022. 

The instax Mini Evo retails for CAD 249.99 (around USD 198 & PHP 9,987 converted), while the instax Mini Stone Gray instant film costs CAD 13.99 (USD 11 & PHP 559).

Source: The Verge + HYPEBAE

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