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Huawei Watch GT 3, GT Runner, FreeBuds Lipstick: PH price, pre-order details revealed

Huawei is ending the year with three new wearable devices, including a couple of new smartwatches and a new stylish pair of earbuds. All are considered stylish accessories and functional gadgets simultaneously. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Huawei Watch GT 3, Huawei Watch GT Runner, and Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick.

Huawei Watch GT 3

Huawei improves the health monitoring features on the latest GT smartwatches with its new TruSeen 5.0+. The GT 3 can monitor health data like your blood oxygen, sleep, stress, menstrual cycle, and even skin temperature. If you’re looking to improve your habits, this smartwatch can remind you to pursue those healthy habits, too.

This smartwatch can also serve as a personal trainer. It records and analyzes your workout data and identifies your athletic ability level and goals to adjust the training intensity to fit your requirements. If you’re into running Huawei’s AI Running Coach can help you achieve your goals. 

There are two sizes available for the Huawei Watch GT 3. The 46mm has a more futuristic look, while the smaller 42mm gives it a more elegant feel. While they get the look of more traditional timepieces, these smartwatches get minimalist lugs, large displays, and lightweight designs. The 46mm weighs just 42.6g without a strap, while the 42mm comes in at 35g. The former is just 11mm thick, while the latter is 10.2mm.

It’s ready for long-term use, with a promised battery life of 14 days for the 46mm and seven days for the 42mm model. Both variants support wireless charging, so you can just place it on compatible chargers when not in use.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 is the first to support HarmonyOS 2.1, so it easily integrates and interacts with HuarmonyOS 2.1 devices you may have.

Huawei Watch GT Runner

If you want a wearable focused on improving your running experience, Huawei has developed a smartwatch geared specifically for you. The Huawei Watch GT Runner has other GT watches’ hardware and monitoring capabilities, but it gets running-focused features you might be looking for.

The Huawei TruSport tech is a professional training system for running that offers in-depth analysis of data like training intensity, training volume, recovery time, and more. This wearable also gets a new running ability measurement system called Running Ability Index. It helps you evaluate your running ability more objectively.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner helps you achieve your personal best using the RAI and training load to build what the company calls your Individual Periodical Science Training Programme.

If you want to measure your heart rate more accurately, the Watch GT Runner supports a heart rate belt connection. It can connect with third-party apps through the Huawei Health app to centralize all your running data.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner can offer up to 14 days of use on a single charge or around eight days of heavy use. It’s built with a durable polymer fiber case with a ceramic finish and aircraft-grade titanium alloy to make it sturdy and light at 38.5g. It also features a floating antenna design that helps reduce the weight further and boost connectivity and GPS performance.

Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick

Huawei’s last announcement is a stylish upgrade to its FreeBuds wireless earbuds line. As the FreeBuds Lipstick’s name suggests, the design of these earbuds and their case mimic the look of a lipstick canister. It comes in a black stainless steel charging case with gold accents. Of course, the earbuds themselves come in an eye-catching red, which reminds us of the red shade of the FreeBuds 4i. We can already see this blending in seamlessly in our makeup bags and purses.

The FreeBuds 4i come in Huawei’s signature open-fit design that promises a comfortable fit for many users. These earbuds come equipped with dual-microphone noise cancelation, which can pick up and keep out most environmental noise. An open-fit design won’t give you the perfect seal, but Huawei promises its active noise cancelation technology can give you a comfortable listening experience.

If you don’t really use active noise cancelation, you can get an average of four hours on a single charge or up to 22 hours with the case, at least on paper. It’s not the longest we’ve seen on wireless earbuds, but it isn’t entirely terrible. Perhaps actual use can prove to be longer than that.

Price and availability

All three devices are now available for pre-order until December 9. If you take advantage of that pre-order period, you can take home freebies or enjoy discounts.

  • Huawei Watch GT 3 (46mm) – PHP 12,999 (around USD 256 converted) with freebies worth PHP 3,998 (USD 79)
  • Huawei GT 3 (42mm) – Regular price is PHP 11,999 (USD 237), but you can get it at an online-exclusive price of PHP 8,999 (USD 178) with freebies worth PHP 2,490 (USD 49) during the pre-order phase
  • Huawei Watch GT Runner – PHP 13,999 (USD 276) with freebies worth PHP 4,388 (USD 87)
  • Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick – PHP 9,999 (USD 197) from its original price of PHP 11,999 (USD 237)