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This bagless vacuum can help you clean after your pets

We love our pets, and we want to make sure that they and the rest of the family live in a clean, safe space. German domestic appliance brand Miele recently launched the Cat & Dog variant of its Boost CX1 vacuum in Hong Kong. It’s a compact, bagless vacuum equipped with the company’s key technologies.

The Boost CX1 has its TrackDrive design with large wheels on the side for better tracking stability. It also features the brand’s Vortex Technology, which helps generate powerful airflow (over 100km/h), ensuring that coarse and fine dust is collected.

This bagless vacuum comes equipped with a HEPA AirClean filter designed to catch 99.95% of 0.3μm fine dust and allergens. This filter has a Timestrip that lets you know when you need to replace it. 

The Boost CX1 uses a three-stage filtration system to help you deep clean your home:

  1. Vortex Technology picks up and separates even the most unnoticeable dust particles.
  2. The replaceable double-layered filter separates the fine dust particles.
  3. The HEPA AirClean filter screens the dust and allergens.

Like other Cat & Dog models, the Boost CX1 has Miele’s Turbobrush, a rotating roller brush that gets activated by the air drawn through the head. It limits dirt and removes deeply embedded hair in upholstery and carpets. Its Click2Open design makes it easy to dispose of the dust and grime in the dust container.

Miele boasts of 90 years of professional floor care expertise, promising the Boost CX1 can handle 20 years of use if used for 45 minutes per week.

The Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog retails for EUR 329 (around USD 373 or PHP 18,789).

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